February 26, 2015

DIY Eyelash Earring

Fall For DIY Eyelash Earrings Tutorial DIY

Who doesn't love this awesome eyelash trend that's floating around the Internet at the moment. It reminds me of the evil eyes we all wore in the 90's but pimped up with some massive, mascara coated eyelashes. This is an easy way to put a little 90's fashion into your outfit without having to style a chocker necklace or forehead headband (my go to's during that era) and you can make them yourself! Keep going to find out how.

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February 24, 2015

DIY Semi Precious Stone Soaps

Fall For DIY | Semi Precious Stone Soap tutorial

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen me posting regular updates from this project. It's probably one of my favourite DIYs to date and that took me by surprise! When Stephenson Personal Care contacted me to collaborate on a project I must admit my first thoughts were that soap making and bar soap were a little dated, but after a little research I found out that bar soap is making a comeback in a big way. Not only can you make beautiful colours and patterns but you have control over the extras that go into the soap. You can infuse with natural scents and colours rather than the chemicals in most mass produced soaps.

Another reason I was very happy to work with Stephenson Personal Care was their strict policy against animal testing and focus on only using plant derived ingredients. That along with their long list of organic, sustainable and Fairtrade accolades gave me huge confidence that their products were ethically produced which is definitely becoming an increasingly important factor, especially in my cosmetic choices.

Fall For DIY | Semi Precious Stone Soap Tutorial

So I threw myself into soap making! I had a lot of comments on my DIY Silicone Mould post asking if the silicone was a suitable mould making material for soap. This project gave me the perfect opportunity to try it out and answer some of those questions (and you guys know how much I love my faux semi precious stone like this DIY Faux Geode Necklace or this Faux Agate Slice tutorial). I had so much fun colouring and shaping these soaps I'm converted and I haven't even started to explore the possibilities of flavours and scents.

Keep reading to find out how to make these DIY Semi Precious Stone Soap yourself at home.

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February 23, 2015

Winner of the Blogzilla Blog Theme is…

giveaway image 1

If you missed this post a couple of weeks ago then you might not know how much I love the ladies over at Blogzilla Studio. That's why I was so pleased when I got the chance to giveaway a WordPress theme to one of my readers totally free of charge! I use a Blogzilla theme for Fall For DIY and I love the simple design and clean aesthetic that perfectly frames my posts. I wish I could give away more but luckily the themes are really reasonably priced so that even beginner bloggers can afford to invest in a professional looking blog design for very little expense.

To enter the competition I wanted to hear about you and your blog. So many amazing and talented bloggers commented over on Instagram and I've had the best time discovering new blogs to read (Yes a totally selfish competition entry process!) There were so many hard working bloggers on the list the only way I could pick one was with an old fashioned picked out of a hat (or glass) job, which is what I did. And the winner of the theme is...

Ashley who writes Style on High

Congratulations Ashley! I'm so sad that I can't give everyone a brand new theme but thank you all for entering and to Blogzilla for giving us such a great prize. Hopefully we can do it again some day!

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February 20, 2015

Make it Easy | Gold House Numbers

Fall For DIY Make it Easy Gold House Numbers

Yes! Hello Friday. Two gorgeous days of relaxing, baking and making just for the sake of it. This weekend I've got quite a bit of cleaning and organising to get stuck into (argh, the office makeover continues...) but I'd really love to make sure I have some time set aside to work on crafting these amazing gold house numbers for our flat door, and perhaps matching ones for our letter box too! As usual the weekend is for taking it easy and making it easy which is why these are just the thing.


To make the Gold House Numbers:

Roll out the polymer clay to about 1/2" thick. Cut out the numbers using the craft knife and heat on a medium heat for half an hour. Glue the gold leaf sheets onto the cooled numbers and leave to dry. Use strong glue to attach them to the door. All of ours will be inside so we don't need to worry about the weather. If you're planning on making them to go outside then I'd suggest a few layers of weather ready varnish - Keep them nice and shiny!

That's my weekend sorted. Do you have any big making plans to complete before Monday?

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