June 29, 2016

DIY Pepper Pot Pencil Holder

DIY Pepper Pot Pencil Holder Tutorial | @fallfordiy

This post could easily go either way today. Depending on your experience (or lack of) with dud salt and pepper grinders, you’re either going to fully understand how I get through so many mills, or on the other hand not have the slightest clue why on earth you would even make this DIY. Like, really… pepper mills…. pencil pots…? Really?

YES! For some reason they never last more than six months to a year in our home and it’s always the pepper that goes first. One day it just gives up on it’s one, single function in life and decides it’s time to retire to the back of the cupboard for all eternity.

DIY Pepper Pot Pencil Holder | @fallfordiy

So after spending four hours cleaning my kitchen the other day I decided that, instead of leaving them cluttering up the limited cupboard space we have or just throwing them out I would challenge myself to DIY with them! I have got to admit it was a bit of a strange one, even for me and now I’m looking at the photos I wish I’d have a candle handy as I think they would make better candle holders!

DIY Pepper Pot Pencil Holder | @fallfordiy

You could even slip a test tube in and use them as a small vase. Just throwing those ideas out there in case you’re as unlucky with seasoning as I am. If not then you might want to give this one a miss.

DIY Pepper Pot Pencil Holder | @fallfordiy

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June 27, 2016

DIY Wooden Floor Standing Mirror with the most Useful Shelf

DIY Wooden Floor Standing Mirror

Happy Monday! It’s a well needed new week and I’m looking forward to getting through my to do list. One of the things I’ve been meaning to share with you for a while (and tick off) is this DIY wooden floor standing mirror I made with eHow.

I’ve been wanting a full length mirror for the studio since we moved in. I’ve been getting into a bad habit of just throwing on the first thing I find in the morning (working alone doesn’t inspire the best fashion choices) and because of that I’ve been feeling uninspired by my wardrobe.

I’m hoping to jump start a new solopreneur style feature on the blog for those of us who don’t have coworkers to keep them accountable. Other people being the main reason we don’t head into work looking like we’ve just spent the weekend at Glastonbury Festival.. disheveled and in need of a little pampering (or is that just me?). When those people aren’t there it can quickly descend into a styling free for all with pretty disastrous results. Time for a change.

Standing mirror styled-12Standing mirror styled-4

Head over to eHow to find the full tutorial and check out more of our tutorials here!

June 15, 2016

Designing your own Products to Sell with Zazzle

Designing your own Products with Zazzle | @fallfordiy

Remember our Shibori & Natural Dyeing ecourse? That seems like such a long time ago now doesn’t it! We were so lucky to work on that kit with Zazzle to show you how to design your own products to sell and make some money from them! Since then I’ve been meaning to show you some of the products I’ve been making and designing, so I took the opportunity to make cakes and have a bed picnic. (Yeah, I said bed picnic. It’s rained for the last week so the real thing was not an option unless I wanted soggy doughnuts!)

Designing your own Products with Zazzle | @fallfordiy

Now I’ve decided bed picnics are totally a great thing and we should all be doing them whenever it rains. Who’s with me? But to make this happen you should be prepared. You’ll need cake making supplies, fresh flowers and some picnic staples to hand at all times. Once you have the cake and flowers you then get to design your own beautiful paper plates, cushions, blankets and everything else you want for your indoor, faux alfresco dinner dates.

Designing your own Products with Zazzle | @fallfordiyDesigning your own Products with Zazzle | @fallfordiyDesigning your own Products with Zazzle | @fallfordiy

If you need some inspiration for your designs you can take a look at my shop over on Zazzle. Keep in mind that there are so many more products available. Honestly just take a look at the list. You won’t believe how many different products they provide for you to print your designs on! Ping Pong paddle anyone?

Designing your own Products with Zazzle | @fallfordiy-17Designing your own Products with Zazzle | @fallfordiyDesigning your own Products with Zazzle | @fallfordiy

If you’re wondering how to get started I have all your needs covered. I wrote this post on how you can prepare your images for printing using free online software. You can see how your ideas would look on any product today!

Now that we know how to take and edit your photos for use on any of the products, plus how to create products and sell them for free it’s time for a giveaway! We’re just the gift that keeps on giving! If you complete the following requirements you could win a £100 Zazzle gift certificate and have your products featured on the Zazzle home page getting you plenty of views!


–          Entrants must have set up a Zazzle store and provide that store name in the form below.

–          A store must have at least 10 public Zazzle products posted for sale to qualify, with a royalty rate of no more than 15%. The store must include at least one cushion design.

–          All entrants will be featured onsite for at least one month.

–          The overall winner will receive a £100 gift certificate to use on www.zazzle.co.uk. There is no cash alternative.

Click here for full terms and conditions.

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**This post is sponsored by Zazzle. All opinions are my own.

June 13, 2016

We Make Collective August Kit Launch

we make - header-11

All this week we’ve been celebrating the relaunch of our new We Make Collective site and building up to the big reveal for the next kit. We’ve been keeping the finer details quiet but I should be able to share with you some really exciting news very soon. But for now we’re doing things a little differently.

I have loved watching our collective work with their materials and make some simply stunning pieces. But I want to do more! I want to make the whole experience more creative and interactive but unfortunately to do that we need to increase our prices. Don’t worry – If you’re already a regular subscriber your kits will stay at the same price! And we still want to offer an affordable way to explore with new materials.

So we’ll be offering kits subscriptions at £30 for the first 24 hours. After that the price will increase. Your subscription will always be your sign up value so it’s a great reason to get in early and make the most of the lower price!

Now for the big reveal I know you’ve all be waiting for (well at least for the last two paragraphs..) Our August kit is going to be…

Embroidery kit August

This kit is particularly close to my heart. I graduated with a textile design degree specialising in embroidery (you can imagine how many jobs that qualified me for…) and I’m finally getting to put it to great use teaching you how to improve anything with the power of stitch.

As a technique embroidery goes from individual stitches to creating art, jewellery and fashion embellishments. You can embroider onto fabrics, paper, cork, wood, metal, card, leaves, fruit and vegetables and well you get the picture. Go where your imagination takes you!

Stitch-In Designs Free Printable-14

The kit goes beyond the stitches. We’ll be looking at how to create areas of colour and form with fabric and yarn, and even exploring how to create beautiful relief pieces. We’ll look at stitching sketches and letters. And to help you always find the perfect mark we will have a stitch directory in your members area alongside our usual collection of beginner techniques and expert tutorials. 

The kit will include everything you need to get started and continue to experiment with while you explore the vast possibilities to this technique!

Embroidery kit-1

If you want to learn a new skill sign up now. Or take a look at all the freebies we’ve given away this last week by clicking on the links below!