April 29, 2016

50 Must do DIY Projects from April

50 Must do DIY Projects for April | @fallfordiy

I pretty much live DIY/Crafts/Making 24/7. I can spot a craft project from a mile off and I'm always interested in how things are done and finding new things I can make for my home. Luckily enough I have an amazing network around me that helps me easily keep up with the online creative blogging community but even then I can miss out on some posts.

I'm starting out new Must Do DIY Projects to round up my 50 favourite DIY's from each month. Many you might have seen but hopefully there will be some gems in here that you may have missed.

(P.S There are a couple of link in here that are not April DIYs! I know, scandalous. I decided to write this as a huge monthly post half way though putting it together. Next month I promise you will have May tutorials only!)

Pictured Above:

DIY Candle Holders from Furniture Legs - Passion Shake
Thrifted Trash Chair Makeover - A Bubbly Life (this has a hilarious story behind it!)
DIY Mother's Day Embroidery Printable - Sarah Hearts
DIY Speckled Clay Keychains - Sugar & Cloth
DIY Clay & Driftwood Spoons - FFD
DIY Finger Knit Rope Trivet Tutorial - Flax and Twine
DIY Modern Photo Wall Hanging - Homey Oh My
DIY Clutch Bag - The Lovely Drawer

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April 26, 2016

DIY Hanging Suede Tassels

DIY Suede Tassels tutorial | @fallfordiy

If you haven't noticed I have a thing for faux suede, especially in blush. I saw this fabric and immediately bought several metres without a single project in mind, but I knew it would be one that would spark my imagination and do all the work for me. Turns out I was right - this fabric is not just a pretty (sur)face! I've already made these book covers and I have plans for more projects that fabric.

DIY Suede Tassels | @fallfordiy-29

I wanted to squeeze these tassels in because it's been a while since my last tassel post and I was tassel cravings! So I made these to hang over my desk and keep the withdrawal at bay... for now!

Suede | Scissors | Wooden beads | Fabric glue | Cotton Cord

DIY Suede Tassels | @fallfordiy-1DIY Suede Tassels | @fallfordiy-4

1. Cut a strip from your fabric. My strip was about a metre long which in this fabric made a good size tassel. You can always add more fabric later so don't worry too much about this measurement.

2. Cut thin strips along the width of the fabric two thirds of the way through the width. Continue along the whole length leaving a few inches uncut at the end.

DIY Suede Tassels | @fallfordiy-5

3. On the wrong side of the fabric dot a little glue over the uncut area. Turn the end over and roll as tightly as possible. Keep adding glue as you roll along the length of the fabric.

DIY Suede Tassels | @fallfordiy-6 DIY Suede Tassels | @fallfordiy-7

4. Once you reach the uncut section trim off the fabric so you're left with a continuing strip that will wrap around the top of the tassel. Wrap this around and glue into place. Alternatively you can cut a separate strip and glue this into place.

DIY Suede Tassels | @fallfordiy-8 DIY Suede Tassels | @fallfordiy-9 DIY Suede Tassels | @fallfordiy-10 DIY Suede Tassels | @fallfordiy-11

5. Thread the cord onto a large needle and thread it through the middle of the tassel. Tie a large knot (or use a bead) to hold the cord in place and stop it slipping back through the tassel.

DIY Suede Tassels | @fallfordiy-12 DIY Suede Tassels | @fallfordiy-13 DIY Suede Tassels | @fallfordiy-14 DIY Suede Tassels | @fallfordiy-15

6. Thread the other end of the cord through a bead and repeat the last step, finally tying the two ends together underneath the tassel top.

DIY Suede Tassels | @fallfordiy-16

Make these to add some lovely textures to you workspace or feature wall. Save this in Pinterest so you don't forget!

DIY Suede Tassels | @fallfordiy-19 DIY Suede Tassels | @fallfordiy-34 DIY Suede Tassels | @fallfordiy-32 DIY Suede Tassels | @fallfordiy-23 DIY Suede Tassels | @fallfordiy-36 DIY Suede Tassels | @fallfordiy-35 DIY Suede Tassels | @fallfordiy-17 DIY Suede Tassels | @fallfordiy-25DIY Suede Tassels | @fallfordiy-33DIY Suede Tassels | @fallfordiy-19

April 20, 2016

DIY Lollipop Stick Hooks

DIY Lollipop Stick Hooks tutorial | @fallfordiy

I always need more hooks. If it's for my latest hanging planter (yes, I probably have too many but really, can you have too many?) or to keep my jewellery at easy reach (instead of tangled in a mess). Hooks are always useful!

I've been making these DIY lollipop stick hooks for my studio and I'm addicted. They're really easy to create and I want to make hundreds just so I can decorate them in different ways. It's really satisfying painting the lovely light wood with white, gold and flashes of colour.  I want to try some darker blues with the gold as well. How gorgeous would that look!!

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April 19, 2016

Come and Make Cool Clay with Us! | We Make Collective

Taking hand selfies with your phone | @fallfordiy-12

If you're a regular reader you will be well aware of how much we love polymer clay. Ever since our first ever clay project we were in love with how versatile this material is. You can use hundreds of different techniques to create really modern effects and mimic traditional pottery. We've been obsessed ever since. That's why we are making our next We Make Collective kit all about polymer clay. You wouldn't believe the excitement behind the scenes here! Our amazing contributors are currently dreaming up their tutorials and we're sourcing some fantastic (and unusual) materials for you!

We're also incredibly excited to announce our guest maker for this kit as Katie Robbins!


Katie has a number of skills under her belt making stunning porcelain planters, vases, beads, clocks, ornaments and everything in between! There's no end to her talents! She'll be helping us learn some professional techniques to take our polymer clay to the next level. I personally can't wait!

While we're on the subject on contributors we're always looking for volunteers to add more variety to our tutorials. If you're a blogger and want to get involved please email us hello@wemakecollective.com and we'll send you over more details!

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Marwa of Enthralling Gumption for creating this gorgeous stamped boxes tutorial for our February Lino & Block Stamping kit. I have some boxes ready and waiting for some stamped loveliness. It's almost like they were waiting for this tutorial!

DIY Modern Print Fabric Storage Boxes 2

If you want to join in with our polymer clay kit this month then I'm so happy to offer you a 10% discount code because I think you're all awesome people for being here! Just enter the code weloveclay at the checkout! You'll also receive an invite to our Facebook group to share everything you make with us! (Because I'm very nosy like that ;) )

See you in there!