August 20, 2014

DIY Chrome & Concrete Planter

Fall For DIY Chrome and Concrete Planter

Summer has been kind to our plant babies this year and they’re beginning to take over the flat. I’m very happy with this predicament as not only does it mean we get more greenery around our home but I get to make more planters because, well lets face it, if you’ve got the fauna to fill them you can never have enough! I also wanted to start working a bit of chrome into my projects. It’s like copper with that metallic sheen but without the smack in the face (with something pretty) hue. I love the subtlety of chrome on white. It’s barely visible yet has a luxurious, industrial aesthetic. The perfect accent to complement your next concrete project (yep, still working my way though that bag).

Fall For DIY Chrome and Concrete Planter tutorial


White Concrete/Plaster of Paris

Silver Spray Paint


Masking tape

Plastic containers a little larger than your plant pots


1. Fold sturdy thin card into a box and tape up the edges to seal up all the gaps.

2. Mix the concrete or plaster to the packets instructions and pour into the box until it’s around 3/4 of the way full.

3. Press the two plastic containers into to concrete to create dips.

Fall For DIY Chrome and Concrete Planter DIY tutorial

4. Use tape to keep the box together and the containers from floating up out of the mixture.

5. Leave to dry for at least 24 hours until dry then peal off the tape and cardboard.

6. Masking tape up the top of the plaster to completely seal it off (I used masking tape and cardboard). The cover the rest of the plaster in craft glue.

Fall For DIY Chrome and Concrete Planter DIY

7. Once the glue is dry spray the unmasked sections. Leave to dry and then peal off the remaining tape.

Fall For DIY Chrome and Concrete Planter How to Chrome and Concrete Planter Fall For DIY

I’ve used terrarium style planters to contain any excess water within the glass. This helps to preserve the planter for longer. Excellent!

Chrome & Concrete Planter Fall For DIY tutorialChrome and Concrete Planter tutorial Fall For DIYChrome and Concrete Planter Fall For DIY tutorial Chrome & Concrete Planter tutorial Fall For DIY

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August 17, 2014

How to Make a Miniature Loom

Fall For DIY How to make a miniature loom

You know how I love to take the big trends, shrink them down and make jewellery out of them..? Well of course it was only a matter of time until I started weaving up some miniature accessories. Woven wall hangings are a must have for any hipster home these days (yes.. I do have one….) but if you don’t fancy decorating your house with them why not decorate yourself instead? I’ve used an simple rectangular shape for this tutorial but it’s so easy to change the shape of the loom and make more interesting pieces. I’ll be posting more on weaving shapes and turning your pieces into jewellery later so follow us to make sure you don’t miss that! You can find the links to your fave social media site at the bottom of this post.


Wood Block



Embroidery threads

Tapestry Needle

Crochet Hook (optional)


1. Take a small block of wood and sand any rough edges.

2. Hammer nails along the top and bottom about 5mm 1/4″ apart. Make sure you have an equal amount of nails at the top and bottom.

3. Tie on lengths of your warp cord over one top nail and one bottom nail. Do this along all the nails.

Fall For DIY How to make a miniture loom tutorial

4. Using a crochet needle (or skewer) separate the warp threads by threading the needle over the first then under the second. Continue to go over each odd number and under the evens.

5. Thread your weft thread (the thread going across) onto a needle and thread it through the middle using your hook and a guide.

6. Remove the crochet hook, push the thread to the top and the begin to weave the crochet hook through the warp threads again but this time going under the odd numbers and over the evens.

7. Thread your weft thread through this gap again, using the hook as a guide.

8. Continue these steps changing threads and building up patterns as you go.

Fall For DIY Make a miniture loom tutorial

Hopefully this post wasn’t too dull for you super crafty lot. I wanted to make it as simple as possible to cover the basics of weaving. In future posts I want to explore shape, design and fun stuff like tassels to make it all a little more interesting…

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August 15, 2014

Fall For… Rose Tinted

Rose tinted

When I was thinking about a name for this round up I went back and forward with this idea. I love the concept of looking “through rose tinted glasses” but traditionally it has negative connotations of false ideology and I didn’t want to relate that interpretation with the tutorials I’d included in the round up. But then I thought more about this idea. What’s so wrong with seeing the good in the world? Turn on the news right now and all around us it seems that as humans we are selfish, violent and power hungry. Yet in the midst of this destruction are good people selflessly carrying out brave and courageous acts of kindness that change lives.

I’m not saying we should ignore the bad, but focussing on the good might help us make small changes which combined could have a real impact. No single person can save the world but we can try our best to help each other. Try those rose tinted glasses on for size and make a positive change. We all know creating is good for the soul so grab a friend who’s down and make one (or more) of these gorgeous DIY projects together.

Giraffe Trinket Dish

Metallic Gem Zipper Pouch

Hexagon Hanging Planter

Pressed Flower Phone Case

No Sew iPad Case

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August 12, 2014

Win the Tickets of your Handmade Dreams

Ok, I admit it. I don’t have a DIY post ready. There’s been too many babies and blogging festivals to make this week (in fact this is a lie. I have been making a quilt for the new little one) and instead of rushing and creating something lack lustre I’m going to take a little time and give you something a different. Something that I think you might just love.

Win Tickets to the Handmade Fair with Fall For DIY and Etsy UK

We’ve teamed up with Etsy UK to give away two pairs of tickets to The Handmade Fair organised by everyone’s favourite maker of things Kirstie Allsopp. It’s definitely the go to event of the year for any creative. Learn to hone your craft, attend new skills workshops and do a bit of shopping on the side. You can talk to successful makers and pick up on the trends for Christmas and who knows, you might even run into Kirstie for a chat?

I’ll be popping into one or two of the Etsy UK workshops (read more about the sessions here) so if you see me wandering about make sure you come and say hi. If you haven’t got a ticket yet it’s easy to enter the competition below by just Liking and Following our page on your favourite social site. Give me a virtual hi instead!

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