July 1, 2015

DIY Clay & Rope Pot

Fall For DIY Clay and Rope Pot tutorial

You can never have enough pretty pots to fill with pretty things right? In our case we never seem to have enough fruit bowls for all the fruit we need! Especially it this weather when there's nothing better than a fresh, cold fruit juice to wake you up in the morning. We need more room for the oranges! In true DIY style we make some. I'm using this pot for my fruit, but you can use it for anything you like. See the end of this post for some more ideas.

Fall For DIY Clay and Rope Pot tutorial materials


Air dry clay | Bowl | Roller | Thin Straw | Needle | Rope | Embroidery Floss

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June 28, 2015

Wear & Share | A Day in the Life

Fall For DIY Wear & Share

When Yumi asked me to share a typical day in my life with you, my first thoughts were all of the excitement. I'm always trying to find interesting ways to share more of my life on the blog and this was the perfect reason to let you into some behind the scenes action. But then I really started to think about what a typical day in my life looked like and I realised I don't have a regular routine or a schedule at all!

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June 24, 2015

DIY Marble and Granite Tassel Necklace

Fall For DIY Marbled and Granite Tassel Necklace

I'm so lucky that I've been working on a lot of projects for other companies, blogs and magazines recently. Six months in, I still sometimes have to pinch myself that I get to do this as a job. And even though I spend 90% of my time sat in front of a laptop, rushing to get photos edited against a deadline or meticulously making my way through hours of emails I still absolutely love this strange and unexpected career path I've carved out for myself.

The one and only small (tiny in fact) complaint I have is that being creative for a day job does not leave much room for creativity for leisure. I preach to all that will listen about stepping out of your comfort zone and experimenting with your creativity, but gone are the days when I could sit down to learn a new skill or technique without documenting the process or feeling the sickening pangs of guilt when I don't. Fortunately, I've recently I've found myself in a few situations that let me off the obligation to photograph and perfect a technique. It meant I could have fun with the creative process again and to lose myself in the moment rather than obsessing over how to style the finished product or if it's colourful enough for my Instagram feed.

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June 17, 2015

DIY Trellis Clothes Racks

Fall For DIY Trellis Clothes Rack

I actually didn't realise just how useful this DIY was until I made it. I had thought about using it in the bathroom to hang towels and clothing from but once I sat down the write about its versatility I realised it's true potential. It could be so much more than that!

The main benefit of using a storage system closer to something you're more likely to see out in the garden with your BBQ, is its shape and mobility. The rack fits in those empty spaces behind doors and in narrow corridors. I can think of at least five places I want this to go now! Which means I have to make four more or I'll never be happy... Luckily they're so easy to make I'll have them all over my flat in no time!

Fall For DIY Trellis Clothes Rack Materials


Strip wood | Wood glue

Fall For DIY Trellis Clothes Rack

Measure and cut your strip wood. I've cut my strips: 3 - 150 cm/59" for the vertical lengths and 4 - 90cm/35.5"

Use wood glue to secure the top beam to the outer two vertical beams. Measure 45cm/17.5" in from the edge of the horizontal beam and glue the final long, vertical beam in place.

Fall For DIY Trellis Clothes Rack 2

Measure 45cm/17.5" down the vertical beams and glue the next horizontal beam in place.

Fall For DIY Trellis Clothes Rack 3Fall For DIY Trellis Clothes Rack 4

Weight the crossover points to keep secure as the glue dries. Check for drying time on the glue packaging. Once it's dry you're ready to move into place and load up!

Fall For DIY Trellis Clothes Rack 5 Fall For DIY Trellis Clothes Rack 12 Fall For DIY Trellis Clothes Rack 6 Fall For DIY Trellis Clothes Rack 10 Fall For DIY Trellis Clothes Rack 13 Fall For DIY Trellis Clothes Rack 9 Fall For DIY Trellis Clothes Rack 11 Fall For DIY Trellis Clothes Rack 8