February 4, 2016

DIY Pink Washed Plywood Coffee Table

DIY SWENYO Skurniture Pink Washed Plywood Coffee Table tutorial | @fallfordiy

One of the best things about getting my new work studio, apart from having somewhere professional and roomie to work in of course, is I get to decorate! Ok, decorating might actually just be edging out in front. I get to co-ordinate a space for myself that is uncluttered and full of creative ideas, so after purchasing some office necessities (obviously a wardrobe makes that list, but more on that in a later post) I realised that the most important way to build a creative space was to actually create it.

Seems obvious once you say it but I really hadn't thought about DIYing my office furniture. It's seemed like the done thing to get slick, shiny desks and shelving but there's no reason that with the right materials you can't DIY a professional space with beautiful, individual pieces of furniture.

With this in mind I've partnered with SWENYO for todays post. Their design aesthetic is perfect for my new studio and once I saw these Skurniture legs I knew I had to get some plywood involved. I love the combination of the natural grain, lineal layers along the side and the bold white of the metal legs. But I also wanted to add something to make my coffee table completely unique.

DIY SWENYO Skurniture Pink Washed Plywood Coffee Table | @fallfordiy

If you hadn't noticed (where have you been!?) I'm in the midst of falling head over heals with soft pinks hues. The pink wash on this table softens the grain and gives the wood an extra luxurious look I just can't take my eyes off of!

This project took me about an hour to complete so as soon as you have your materials you're pretty much done!

DIY SWENYO Skurniture Pink Washed Plywood Coffee Table | @fallfordiy

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February 3, 2016

Introducing We Are Knitters & A Giveaway!

Introducing We Are Knitters

I'm so excited to be introducing you to We Are Knitters today. When they asked me to have a go at knitting some of their products I have to say I was nervous, but completely won over by the gorgeous range of designs. The skill levels start at easy beginner projects, moving up to much more complex patterns so I decided I was going to push myself and go for something a little out of my comfort zone.

To explain my hesitation firstly I need to admit that I haven't knit anything for about 5 years. I know, I know - outrageous. It's like a food blogger admitting they don't eat desert. But before you condemn me to a thousand rows of knit one, purl one let me try to explain.

I've been able to knit to a very beginner level for as long as I can remember. Many scarves, coasters and seat pads later I stopped because I just wasn't confident enough to improve my skills. I had run out of square/rectangular objects that I actually wanted in my life and didn't have the knowledge to step up my game. I always wished I had the ability to knit a big cozy jumper or cardigan but I needed help choosing the right yarn and pattern. It's those tricky little details that prevented me just going for it. Good yarn can be so expensive and I really didn't want to waste money on something that would end up lumpy and itchy and sat at the back of my wardrobe for the next few years.

We Are Knitters | @fallfordiy-6

And that is exactly why I love these kits so much! Even scarfs I've knitted in the past have irritated my skin, but the wool that's provided in We Are Knitters kits is SO soft. Like I want to just wrap myself up in this squishy, heavenly scarf - All. Day. Long!

I've started by easing myself back into regularly knitting with this Cucho Scarf. It was an easy project but a great one to practice the different knit and purl stitches and keeping my tension correct. I've been watching the tutorials online at weareknitters.com to brush up and refresh my memory and I had no idea there were so many stitch types! I'm working my way through the tutorials and I really feel like I'm learning a lot and actually improving my skills, to the point I'm much more confident to tackle the more advanced projects!


For my second project I've started on the Udon Blanket which is a similar process to the Cucho Scarf. It's easy enough for me to pick up at the end of the day and destress over a couple of rows and new episodes of The Good Wife. (Who's with me!!?) But I also want to challenge myself to improve and make my first ever cardigan! And I want you to do the same!

We Are Knitters | @fallfordiy-10

Giveaway time! Enter to win any We Are Knitters Kit of your choice valued up to £80 ($110USD / €100) which means you can make any of the items I'm working on, or choose something completely different to challenge yourself and knit along! Just follow the directions below to enter.

But if you just can't wait a week to see if you win then We Are Knitters have given us a discount code to get 15% off any of their products! How ace are they? Just enter the code FALLFORDIYWAK at checkout! Happy Stitching!

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We Are Knitters | @fallfordiy-5


*This stitchin' post was written in collaboration with We Are Knitters. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Fall For DIY!

February 1, 2016

DIY Floral Valentine’s Soap Pops

Valentine soap pops tutorial | @fallfordiyValentine soap popsValentine soap popsValentine soap pops

I'm so pleased to be able to start February with such exciting news! If you read this post you'll know I've given us all a free pass for January. It seems a lot of us have not loved the start to 2016 so I'm having a total fresh start for February. It makes it the perfect time to announce our collaboration with one of my favourite retailers Anthropologie!! Yes, I know. This is some kind of amazing! I've always loved how ahead of the curve they are, choosing artists and designers that create such beautiful works of art in everyday objects. It's always been a place of massive inspiration for me so this partnership is giving me all the good feels!

The first holiday we're celebrating together is Valentine's Day. We wanted to create something more unexpected than traditional presents, but something that would still have all the romance of a bouquet with an added fun twist. You can make these before Valentine's day or create something longer lasting from all those flowers you’ve been gifted afterwards. Just make sure you get hinting for the flowers and these cute teacups so you can store your pops so perfectly once they're ready!

Valentine soap pops


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January 29, 2016

In Seven Days | February is the new January – My favourite motivational posts!


Throughout the whole of December last year I was so ready for January to arrive. I had it all planned out. The new year would give me a new lease of life. I would feel motivated and organised because you know, the very first day of a new year ends your bad habits and magically makes everything slot into place... right?

But then the reality of January came and much to my bemusement nothing clicked. It's not like anything went disastrously wrong but nothing was going right either. Jobs piled up and everything I needed to do seemed to rely on 20 other things I needed to do, which all relied on 20 other things I needed to do (you can see where I'm going here) so as much as I was working it felt like nothing at all was happening. But finally this week everything has come together and I've been ticking off to do lists like a wall clock with a second hand (you know, because it ticks a lot... ahem, well... Anyway).

So I'm definitely feeling more positive going into February and well I'm creating a February is the new January meme as we speak (in my head at least), so for anyone having a tricky start to 2016 don't worry about dates, just keep going. To help you power though, this weeks In Seven Days is a whole bucket load of links to all the motivational posts I've been reading to keep myself going.

How to stick with your goals - Delineate your Dwelling
Four tips for avoiding creative burnout - Idle Hands Awake
How to get over imposter syndrome - Career Contessa
Motivational reading to SKYROCKET your Craft Business in 2016!
The fool proof way to stop creative jealousy
How to choose a direction when you have a million ideas - XO Sarah
Stop procrastinating and turn your dreams into reality
Overcoming Crafters Block

Have you got any favourite go to posts for motivating yourself? Please share in the comments. We need all the help we can get!! Happy weekend and happy reading. x