May 22, 2015

DIY Wire Tacos with Laura Ashley

Fall For DIY Wire Tacos with Laura Ashley

If you're a regular reader of Fall For DIY then you're probably aware of our new fluffy friend and the havoc she causes where ever she goes. In most cases chewed cardboard and nibbled coasters are easily forgiven, but damage to an unreplaceable wire cable is a bit harder to let go. As much as we try to keep them out of harms reach there can often be a stray left dangling. And you can be sure she will sniff it out within minutes.

So I've come up with a very DIY solution to our gnawing problem. These 'DIY Wire Tacos' are a great way to keep wires stored. Even if your electricals are safe from nibbling this wire storage can help to organise those messy wires. You can even colour code them for quick and easy access to all your connectivity needs. No bunny needed!

Fall For DIY Wire Tacos Laura Ashley

The idea for this post came after Laura Ashley sent over a box of goodies for me to play with for their online fabric challenge #sewandstitch. You can see my entry along with three others and vote for your favourite over on the Laura Ashley blog. Once you've voted you'll be entered into a competition to win a £50 gift voucher for Laura Ashley so if you want to get involved, pop on over now to vote for your favourite.

But for now let's get started with the tutorial!


Fabric | Thread | Buttons | Scissors | Sewing Machine | Needle | Iron

Fall For DIY Wire Tacos Tutorials

Cut out two identical circles. I've used a small bowl as a template. Make the circles just a little larger than the required size of the finished taco. Place one on top of the other with the right sides facing.

Sew them together most of the way around the circle leaving about an inch gap. Turn the fabric inside out, push the raw edges of the hole under and into the circle and sew around the entire circle again, leaving a small edge.

Fall For DIY Wire Tacos

At the edge of the circle sew a button hole. A buttonhole foot is perfect for this job and well worth the investment if you like making your own clothes. Otherwise, this video shows you how to make a buttonhole by hand.

On the opposite side of the circle sew a button to the inside of the taco. Now when you close it you should make a secure pocket to store your wires in. Trim any excess threads and get organising!

Wire Tacos Tutorial Fall For DIY

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May 19, 2015

DIY Square Hanging Planter

Fall For DIY Sqaure Hanging Planter DIY

I've been thinking a lot lately about clearing the clutter in my flat and creating spaces that are both functional and beautifully display our belongings. Because as much as I would love to just throw everything away and only have pretty things around me, there are definitely moments in life that require more than just a copper ring dish, test tube vase or woven wall hanging.

Fall For DIY Sqaure Hanging Planters

I've begun with this IKEA shelving unit in my kitchen/diner. It might seem like an odd place to put a bookshelf but there's nothing I love more than reading over a slow Sunday brunch. I figured why not put all the books and magazines at easy reach while I'm tucking into a breakfast burrito?

They left a small corner that was perfectly sized for a new DIY square hanging planter, because you can never have enough hanging plants right!? I've used a mitre saw to create this wooden square but you can also use a square edge by changing the measurements of the dowel.

Fall For DIY Sqaure Hanging Planter Materials


Wooden dowel | Rope | Wood glue | Plant and pot | Saw


Measure the diameter of the plant pot (it needs to taper towards the bottom for this DIY to work). Add on the width of the dowel - in my case the planter measured 5" and the dowel 1". Then measure out this length 4 times along the wooden dowel.

Cut the mitre joints with the outer angle reaching touching these measurements. Once all four piece are cut, sand down the rough edges and glue together. Leave the glue to dry overnight.

Fall For DIY Sqaure Hanging Planter tutorial

Cut out a length of rope double the distance you would like your planter to hang from the ceiling. Fold in half and thread the halfway point through the square and towards the outside. Take the ends of the rope and thread these through the loop that has been made. Pull it tight. Cut another

Cut another three lengths of rope around a metre long and repeat these steps for the other three corners. Knot the longest rope around all three shorter cords and secure with all purpose glue. Knot the two longest ropes together at the top to hang the planter from. Hang and enjoy!

Fall For DIY Sqaure Hanging Planter how toSqaure Hanging Planters Fall For DIYSqaure Hanging Planter tutorial Fall For DIYFall For DIY Sqaure Hanging PlantersSqaure Hanging Planter Fall For DIY

May 13, 2015

Styling the Seasons | May

Styling the seasons MAY

I'm pretty impressed with myself this month. Not only have I planned and executed this post before we're even at the halfway point, but I've also combined my May - Styling the Seasons with a great DIY housewarming present I made for my mom's new home. It's ticking all the boxes today!

May for me is about getting outside and getting full of fresh air and vitamin D. The leaves have all finally come back onto the trees and everywhere I go I end up carrying my coat because I'm not used to light layers yet and instinctively wrap up before leaving the house.

Styling the Seasons - Fall For DIY 8

It's that time you can start planning for the summer. Picnics, long walks, mountain climbing (yes - really) and small festivals actually seem feasible again and not just something we can do 'when the weather gets warmer'. It's so light way into the evening and I feel like my days are slower and more relaxing.

Styling the Seasons - Fall For DIY 5

It's also when I start craving salad and fresh food ALL THE TIME. I just want to put a side salad with every meal. All those great spicy, herby flavours all mixed in together. Add an avocado and you're good to go! So it's a great time to start growing herbs and salads on your windowsill or in your garden. We've started ours, but I wanted to put together a little gift to give my mom's new home some greenery and fresh flavours she can pick off and add to all her meals cooked up in her new kitchen.

Styling the Seasons - Fall For DIY 3

To make the gift a little more personal and special than shop bought packets of seeds I've decided to make my own seed packets to go with these decorated terracotta pots. I was inspired by this tutorial over at Almost Makes Perfect to create the gloss dipped pots, which now I love and need to make for myself as well! The seed packets are made from wallpaper samples and washi tape to make give them a colourful twist.

Fall For DIY Seed Packet


Cut long thin strips of wallpaper and fold them almost in half leaving a small tab at the top. Cut your washi tape to size and fold over the edges of the edges to create a small pouch. Snip off the corners of the tab and fold down. Fill with your seeds and seal with another piece of washi tape. Add these to your pots of compost for a gift that's ready to plant whenever.

Styling the Seasons - Fall For DIY 4Styling the Seasons - Fall For DIYStyling the Seasons - Fall For DIY 2 Styling the Seasons - Fall For DIY 6 Styling the Seasons - Fall For DIY 7 Styling the Seasons - Fall For DIY 1