October 9, 2015

Halloween Party Pumpkin Pops

Halloween Party Pumpkin Pops tutorial | Fall For DIY

I’ve learnt many things during my years of blogging. Way too many to list here. If I even attempted it we’d never actually get to the fruit of this post (or should that be vegetable?), but one of the lessons that I think has really made an impact on my life is how to throw a party! Gone are the days where a shop bought banner and a few strategically placed balloons will do the job. No, we now plan for weeks and make everything beautiful. Yes it’s time consuming, and yes, it doesn’t always work out as planned but half the fun is getting together to make plans before hand. (The other half is after a couple of margaritas!)

Another thing I’ve learnt about throwing a great party is that you don’t have to go with convention. Over the last few years Halloween has become brighter, more colourful and even more fun. There’s still plenty of room for the scary and ghoulish but no need to stick to the strict black, white and orange dress code.

Halloween Party Pumpkin Pops | Fall For DIY

With that in mind I’ve made these bright and colourful Pumpkin Pops using the Wilton Performance Colour System. It’s amazing that with just eight little bottles you can make thousand of different shades AND it comes with a recipe chart to get you started. It means you can make all your guests (and trick or treaters) their own unique pumpkin pop! Oh, and Wilton fondant is vegan so everyone can enjoy them.

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October 7, 2015

DIY Painted Clay Wall Hooks

Fall For DIY | DIY Painted Clay Wall Hooks Tutorial

For all of you waiting on the first We Make Collective kits I have big news for you. I'll be sending them out on Monday next week! I've spent the last few weeks perfecting every last detail, working on tutorials and our collaborative area of the site. And of course weaving my way through miles of yarn, so we have plenty of ideas for you to explore the minute your kit lands on the doorstep!

As well as learning a lot of new skills and techniques, focussing on one area of creativity has had other fringe (of the tassel kind) benefits. Trying to put as much information into the tutorials as possible has meant I have been left with a glut of soft, woven, goodness. Mostly trials - pieces that show techniques rather than designs - I have decided not to let them be thrown into a pile to be forgotten, but to keep them as inspiration for future pieces.

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October 5, 2015

12 Modern Planters to DIY for!

12 Modern Planters to DIY For | Fall For DIY

Every autumn I seem to overcompensate for losing the green outside by bringing all the plants I can get my hands on inside instead. No matter how hard I try, I can't seem to leave the house without coming home with something leafy and a big smile on my face. With a mix of trailing, air, floor and regular plants I do a decent job of transforming the flat into a mini forest. And as well as making the flat look amazing, it means I have plenty of opportunity to try out all of my DIY ideas for a range of different sized containers. They could be hanging, soil and water free, pot covers and multi-plant holders, or anything else my mind can imagine up!

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October 1, 2015

DIY Concrete Serving Platters

Fall For DIY | Concrete Serving Platter Tutorial

In my book you can never have enough pieces of kitchenware to serve food on. All my favourite dinner party themes include lots and lots of picky bits of food to chat over and lots and lots of glasses of wine to laugh over!

Now BBQ season is over I'm looking forward to many of these nights. I'm preparing to make the table something really special - full of food, fun and good friends. I've been meaning to make these DIY concrete serving platters for such a long time. I love the rustic effect of the concrete and it's so pretty when it's pink! Read on to find out how to make these yourself.

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