July 30, 2014

DIY Collar & Chain Necklace

Fall For DIY Collar & Chain Necklace

I’ve been loving a more minimalist look for many aspects of my clothes and accessories recently. I love a well fitting pair of jeans or trousers teamed with a simple leather strip of sandal and a plain jumper or t-shirt. I know, that sounds incredibly dull, but instead of focussing on the details these items show form and shape. An area of fashion I have vastly overlooked in the past. This collar and chain necklace works perfectly with this look, accentuating the neckline and decorating it in the same breath. And do you know what the best thing about minimalist jewellery is? It takes half the time to make as something more complex. See for yourself.

Fall For DIY Collar & Chain Necklace tutorial


1.5mm / 15G Copper Wire

Thin Link Chain

Very Fine Jump Rings

Lobster Clasp

Chasing Hammer

Steel Bench Block



1. Cut a piece of wire long enough to fit loosely around your neck. Warm the wire in between you fingers and shape into an oval.

2. Measure around your neck and cut off any excess at the back. You’ll want the ends to roughly line up with the back of your neck.

3. Use round nose pliers to make a loop at each end.

Fall For DIY Collar & Chain How to

4. Gently hammer the wire to harden it and keep it in shape.

5. Cut a piece of chain to go between the two back loops and another to hang down over the wire.

6. Attach the longer chain to the loops in your wire using jump rings. Then attach one end of the shorter length of chain to one of the loops and the other end to the lobster clasp. To fasten the necklace clip the clasp onto the loop in the wire.

Fall For DIY tutorial Collar & Chain NecklaceFall For DIY_Collar & Chain Necklace


Easy right!? If you want to learn more about jewellery making you better go check out my new ecourse Beads & Baubles. A comprehensive guide to beginners jewellery making! We’ll have you going pro in no time!

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July 28, 2014

Blog Hop

If you’re a regular reader you might have noticed a change in Fall For DIY recently. I’ve been making a conscious effort to show my personality more in both the DIYs I choose and within my writing voice. I think it’s this change that has been the catalyst in me connecting with more people, all over the world. So when the gorgeous Teri from The Lovely Draw (please go and read this blog. It’s fantastic!) passed me the blog hop it seemed like an ideal opportunity to open up a little more about me and my reasons for blogging.

Why do I write

I’ve been working on improving my writing recently. The content I’m used to producing focusses less on the text and more on pretty pictures and (hopefully) interesting DIY tutorials. I try to give each project a little of my personality and even if it’s just one paragraph write something I think people will enjoy. So I guess I mostly write to inform and inspire but also in a small way to entertain. For me it’s the hardest part. Not technically, but on a personal level. Words on a screen are littered with misunderstandings and are threateningly devoid of tone to the point I spent many of my early years of blogging, cautiously avoiding identity in my writing. It was bland and uncontroversial, and I let my tutorials carry the blog. One of the reasons I was so keen to write this post is to push myself to write more. Let myself be vulnerable and ridiculous but hopefully also be a little more interesting.

what am I working on

Like most bloggers I’ve got each of my ten fingers in beautifully styled, homemade, sweet and juicy pies. At the moment the projects I’m most excited about are my first ecourse, Beads & Baubles that has launched today and my new jewellery line that I’m working on and hope to launch this autumn. As I said, these are the ones I’m most excited about but along side these are hundreds of plans floating around (mostly on paper scraps) of new ideas from tutorial blog posts and collaborations to ways of building Fall For DIY as a business and developing my skills. I do all of this around my full time job at Hobzy. I love my job and the fact I have stability whilst being able to be creative is something I try not to take for granted, but I do wish I had more time to contribute to my little blog. Where does all the time go!?

How does it differ

The DIY/Crafts blogging genre is on one hand a beautifully edited lie, but on the other, essentially a brutally honest reflection of a bloggers personality. Every DIY blog has its own aesthetic and ideals and as long as you’re true to these you’ll find your niche. Creating your own style and producing original DIYs is key to standing out in a competitive category. I’m further along this road than I was lets say a year ago, but feel I definitely have some way to go yet. It’s an ongoing process. It’s just so very easy to copy the style and even blog posts of a blogger you admire whether it’s a conscious decision or a subconscious accident. I’ve done this myself a number of times and seen bloggers do the same thing to me. I’ll always give other bloggers the benefit of the doubt. The amount of information we subjected ourselves to (Pinterest addictions) and absorb on a daily basis from blogs and social media, it often happens I’ll have an idea I realise later had already been done. (Funny story. I’ve just finished writing and editing this post and went back to The Lovely Draw to add in the links. The images I’ve used are similarly edited and Teri has used them to illustrate the questions as I have done. I can’t even remember her doing this from the first time I read her post, but it must have stuck in there subconsciously as I’ve done exactly the same thing!! Just shows…)

How does my writing process work?

Each post takes around a month to complete from ideas stage to posting so I’m constantly working on developing ideas and researching new trends. It’s soul destroying when you’ve completed a project and it just doesn’t work. Sometimes you need only need to tweak and re-work the idea and sometimes you just have to scrap it entirely and so to avoid this it’s best to do your research. I will usually work through an idea like a pitch; exploring colour, pattern and form, planning the best way to carry out techniques, finding the right supplies and testing materials. I’ll then make and photograph the tutorial over a weekend, edit the photos and write up the instructions. The last part is to put my personal voice to the post. Some days this flows naturally and others I struggle. The main thing blogging has taught me is that even when you don’t feel like it just start. You’ll never know what will happen unless you do.

I’m passing the blog hop onto two other bloggers I love and would like to get to know a bit better; Amy from Homey Oh My and Lula from Sew DIY.

Amy has got to be one of the friendliest bloggers on this earth. You would not believe the wonderful and encouraging comments, emails and messages I’ve received from her. She has an amazing ability to pick you up when your having a bad day (and she doesn’t even know it!) Her blog is all of this rolled in to one lovely, inspiring collection of DIY’s and giveaways and pretty things. Make sure you go and follow right away!

And Lula! Well Lula is my biggest blog crush at the moment. I am so impressed by her amazing ability to sew up each and every single item I’m coveting then tell me how to do it (How does she know?) Jokes aside, she has fantastic taste and makes beautiful clothes. I have big dress making envy! I’m also very inspired by the blog to start making more and buying less. Something we all need a little inspiration for.

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July 27, 2014

How To Make Your Own Beads

Fall For DIY Hot To Make Your Own Beads

You know when your digging through your beads looking for the perfect ones? Yeah, that happens to me a lot. I’ll spend an hour trying to find some I saw yesterday. Where did I put them? I just saw them! Why can’t I find these beads now? Sound familiar. One day I will implement some kind of system, but until then I’ll spent my time looking for beads, or solutions. Like making your own beads! I know this is a little far fetched for some beads. I’m not talking glass and metals (not yet anyway) but it’s dead easy to make beads with air dry and polymer clay. I’ve started doing it for a lot of my jewellery and it’s so handy! I can make the perfect amount in the perfect sizes for my project without leaving the house (or my credit card details with another website!) and the natural aesthetics of these air dry clay beads pleases me. Just look how easy they are to make:

Fall For DIY Hot To Make Your Own Beads tutorial


Air Dry / Polymer Clay

Bead reamer / Skewer / Needle

Fall For DIY tutorial How To Make Your Own Beads


1. Take small pieces of clay and shape them into small balls.

2. Carefully poke the reamer through the middle of the bead all the way through to the other side.

3. Remove the reamer and depending on the type of clay either heat or leave to dry.

Now you’ve made your beads what will you do with them? If you are new to jewellery making and want to learn all the basic skills to start putting together your own professional pieces of jewellery then come back tomorrow to learn more about my brand spanking new ecourse; Beads & Baubles!

If you’re a member of Fall For DIY’s mailing list you will have already received an exclusive discount to the course. Lucky devils. You have just one day left to make the most of this before I launch the course to everyone else at full price right here on the blog. So hurry and make sure you get your membership now!

If you’re feeling a bit jealous of those guys right now you can make sure you don’t miss any post and get access to the latest discounts by following me on Bloglovin.

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July 25, 2014

Fall For… Sensational Summer

Sensational Summer

For the past two days I’ve worn dresses to work… Me, in dresses. That’s how I know summer has really kicked in. It’s definitely time to bring out the BBQ and start serving up the ice cold cocktails and of course, this means scouting for some scorching summer DIYs to make your outdoor dining even hotter!









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