July 25, 2016

How to Weave a Basket Planter

Weave your own Basket Planter | Fall For DIY

We all know that the plant lady is the new cat lady, but what about the basket lady? Is that the new plant lady…? Or perhaps more the new bag lady. Either way I’m pretty sure I’m turning into a full on basket lady. After last weeks Basket Clock DIY tutorial I’ve moved onto how to weave a basket planter, you know, just to pass the time.

Weave your own Basket Planter | Fall For DIYWeave your own Basket Planter | Fall For DIY

Basket weaving is always a little tricky. It would be so much easier if I just had a couple of extra pairs of arms. Sometimes it seems like you need to hold it in 18 different places to stop your work in progress from falling apart. Masking tape will save the day here! Get a roll or two ready and tape everything together as you work. Eventually everything will work and you can take the tape off without the whole thing unraveling… hopefully!

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July 21, 2016

Making an Entrance | Before & After

Entrance makeover before and After with B&Q | @fallfordiy

I’m absolutely over the moon to share this before and after with you today. One of the goals I’m currently working towards is being able to buy my own home. I want to get a run down place and completely transform it into my own little space in the world. I have too many ideas and I have to admit I’m so massively impatient when it comes to getting something I really want. This project (a makeover my sisters new fixer upper) has given me enough of a nibble on the dream stick to tide me over… for now.

So once we had an idea of our end goal we headed over to B&Q for supplies. (Is it just me or does anyone else get excited by DIY stores. It’s just a world of possibilities in there!) Three hours later we emerged with everything we needed and even more ideas than we went in with. Then it was time to get to work!

Home Entrance before & After | @fallfordiy

How we did it:

Masonry paint is the biggest hero in our entrance makeover. It has made the world of difference to the house. We took our inspiration from these beautiful black and white buildings and the effect is stunning. Simply freshening up the paint makes the whole house look brand new.

Entrance makeover before and After | @fallfordiy-9

We’ve also updated the lighting as the previous light was outdated and as run down as the rest of the building. This was one of the hardest decisions we had to make. B&Q have a great selection of lighting in a range of styles. If this were my (hypothetical) home I might have gone for something like this, but in this case we thought something more neutral would go with the black and white theme we have going on. This chrome light stands out enough not to blend into the background, while at the same time it doesn’t look out of place next to either colour.

Entrance makeover before and After | @fallfordiyEntrance makeover before and After | @fallfordiy

I didn’t get a shot of the garden before the work began but the plants there previously were a little too wild and unruly (and not in the good way.) We needed something easier to manage but still gorgeous to look at… Succulents I hear you cry. Well of course! So we went with it along with some other non flowering plants to add a variety of colour.. We kept some of the taller plants in the pots to stop them overgrowing. The rest should fill out the spaces in between them in time. You can’t ask for a better welcome home party every day right!?

Entrance makeover before and After | @fallfordiy

We scattered blue slate chips to create some colour while we’re waiting for the plants to grow. This also gave us a fantastic opportunity to add pots to the garden. I’m a big believer in potted plants and isn’t this bulby potted evergreen just the cutest!

Entrance makeover before and After | @fallfordiy

To add some extra plants (because you really never can have enough) we whipped up this number plate with a box for succulents on the bottom. They’re still deciding whether to hang this under the light or keep it on the floor next to the door. What do you think?

Entrance makeover before and After | @fallfordiy

Overall I am still amazed by what a huge difference a little time and energy has made on this entrance makeover. Hopefully I’ll be able to say that about my own home really soon! 

Entrance makeover before and After | @fallfordiyEntrance makeover before and After | @fallfordiyEntrance makeover before and After | @fallfordiy

*A big thank you to B&Q for sponsoring the post and helping us transform this house into a home.

July 19, 2016

Make a DIY Embroidered Basket Clock

Make a DIY Embroidered Basket Clock tutorial

Hey! Today’s DIY post is one that I’m especially pleased to be sharing with you. Firstly because I love it! Give me anything basket shaped and I’m yours and secondly because I’m finding I’m moving towards using watches and clocks over my phone as a way of telling the time at the moment.

I think it’s because I’m always looking to improve my own productivity and find ways of getting more done in my day with smarter working techniques. I can write lists like my life depends on them but when it comes to working through each task I am so easily distracted! (I just spent 2 minutes looking at nothing on my phone. As I’m literally writing about getting distracted from the task, I’m getting distracted from the task… I have a problem!)

Make a DIY Embroidered Basket Clock

Having one less reason to check my phone is a win. So not needing it to find out the time is definitely a step in the right direction. (Anyone else have a bit of a digital addiction? perhaps I need a detox?)

Then comes along a clock that combines a lovely round basket with embroidery, well that’s just everything I love right there! And it goes perfectly with the natural effects of my DIY Birch Floating Plant Shelves and natural wood DIY Big Peg Board. Check out those tutorials to make this great trio for you own workspace.

Make a DIY Embroidered Basket Clock-15

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July 16, 2016

Studio Update: Craft Supplies | How to Organise Your Creative Space


When I moved into my new studio my first though was how tidy I was going to be now I have all this space to play with. (Actually, that’s a lie. My first thought was damn it’s cold in here – how can I heat this ice box!? But that’s not as fun a memory.) I was convinced that since the supplies had lived in a room an eight of the size, once I moved everything over it would be a breeze getting organising now I had this extra room. I had high hope things would find their own homes, Mary Popping stylee.

Eight months later that spoon full of sugar effect has not happened. (who was I kidding?) And in fact, now I have the extra space I have more and more “essential” (air quote hands) materials coming in that I need to find space for. It’s never ending!

I do actually have a lot of ideas to get everything in order.  I don’t want the next eight months to fly by in the mess and clutter I’m currently surrounded by, so I’m going to share each step to achieving an organised life with you in an effort to keep moving forward and to create a workspace I’m most productive in.

Organising your craft space | how to use hanging storage to stay tidy-1

These hanging storage organisers are generally used for wardrobe accessories but they are perfect for storing all those pesky little craft items. The ones that seem to get themselves lost the moment you need them and appear again as soon as you don’t. I’ve gone for the clear pockets so I can quickly and easily find what I need. But if you wanted to hide everything away while still keep it organised and easily accessed then there are some gorgeous fabric versions available.

Organising your craft space | how to use hanging storage to stay tidy-2

Simply fill the pockets with your supplies. Try to stick to lighter products as the weight does add up over all of these pockets. Keep any heavier items you do store in the middle pockets to keep the weight balanced.

Organising your craft space | how to use hanging storage to stay tidy-3

I’ve been using this system for a couple of weeks now and I can honesty say it’s making life much easier. As you can probably tell from the pictures, I don’t have any kind of system in place for arranging the materials in the pockets, but using the clear version means I can scan over the hangers and find what I need in seconds (instead of rummaging through draws and boxes for half an hour before). I think I can call it. Our first organisation tip is a success!

I’d love to hear your thought on whether you think this will work for you and if you have any tips for organising and storing craft materials. Please leave a comment below!

Organising your craft space | how to use hanging storage to stay tidy-4 Organising your craft space | how to use hanging storage to stay tidy-5 Organising your craft space | how to use hanging storage to stay tidy-6