May 27, 2016

50 Must do Projects | May

50 Must do DIY Projects | May

Ok, hang on a minute. How on earth did we get to the end of May already. I know we have a couple of days left but I feel like I haven't had anytime to settle into this month at all! I love that everything is now green again and we're getting more and more sunny days. It's traditionally a quiet time for bloggers but that doesn't stop DIY bloggers creating amazing DIY's to make us want to stay inside and get making!

So let's get straight to it! Here are my favourite 50 DIY's from May.

Pink Shibori Cushion - The Crafted Life Painted Beads - Dream Green DIY
Paper Pilea - Apple of my DIY
Tufted Cushion - Apartment Apothecary
Cross Stitch Cushion - Francoise Et Moi
Wooden Plant Stand - One Little Minute
Raindrop Mirror - Sinnen Rausch
Desk Tidy - The Lovely Drawer

Beaded Gift Wrap - Tell Love and Party
No Sew Pillows - Monsters Circus

DIY Gold leaf Colour Pop Letter Soaps | @fallfordiy-7

Gold Leaf Letter Soaps - FFD
Stool Make Over - Make and Tell
Lattice House Shelves - Francoise Et Moi
Stained Concrete Planters - Persia Lou
Diamond Jewellery Dish - Delineate Your Dwelling

Denim Clutch - Paper & Stitch
Giant Tassel Throw Blanket - Brepurposed
Polkadot Vase - The Crafted Life
Upcycled Bottle Vase - Make and Tell
Reading Nook Bench - Always Rooney

Wood Letter Banner - The Merrythought
Embroidered Crystals - FFD
Room Sprays - Homey Oh My
Scalloped Hello Door Mat - Squirrelly Minds
Beyoncé Lyric Quote Glasses - Bespoke Bride

No Weave Wall Hanging - Brepurposed
Iron On Picnic Blanket - Lovely Indeed
Pallet Bench - Monsters Circus
Brass Wall Decor - Sugar & Cloth
Colour Splatter Earring Holder - Enthralling Gumption

Leather Handle Boxes - Idle Hands Awake
Citrus Slice Key Chain - Dream Green DIY
Modern Yarn Wall Hanging - Homey Oh My
Painted Summer Tote - Delineate Your Dwelling
Printable Toucan Gift Box - Make and Tell

DIY Pink and Black Marbled Concrete Planter Stands | @fallfordiy

Marbled Concrete Plant Stands - FFD
Embroidered Sunglasses Case - Alice and Lois
Colouring Book Tote - The Crafted Life
Floral Wall Clock - Lovely Indeed
Painted Palm Bag - Dream Green DIY

Clay Standing Clock - The Lovely Drawer
Washi Tape Holders - FFD
Leather Napkins - Burkatron
Circus Stand Favour Boxes - Oh Happy Day
Geometric Picnic Blanket - The Sweetest Occasion

Gold Leaf Resin Hearts - Sarah Hearts
Fruit Pocket Tees - Damask Love
Copper Mirror - A Bubbly Life
Plastic Dipped Spoons - The Crafted Life
Sugar Lavender Cookie Toppers - FFD



May 26, 2016

DIY Sugar Lavender Bloom Cookie Toppers


I've been having a thing for lavender recently. I love the scent. It's one of those things that literally makes me happy through my senses. It takes me back to childhood summers roller skating around the small cul-de-sac I lived on. It took us about three minutes to get from the big lavender bush just before the small hill, all the way round and right back round to that scent all over again. And we did this for hours. That smell reminds me of being carefree and out in the sun. It makes me want to dig out my old roller skates!

DIY Sugar Lavender Bloom Cookie Toppers | @fallfordiy-32 DIY Sugar Lavender Bloom Cookie Toppers | @fallfordiy-34 DIY Sugar Lavender Bloom Cookie Toppers | @fallfordiy-31 DIY Sugar Lavender Bloom Cookie Toppers | @fallfordiy-33

If you follow me on social media you'll have seen I've been working with my sister recently. As she is a baking force of nature it only seemed natural that we started making some of my sweeter dreams come true. First off these ginger and lavender iced cookies because of my previously mentioned love of Lavender of course. Rather than rehash a cookie recipe for you, I'll direct you to Nigella because we all know she's going to make a great biscuit! Just add half a teaspoon of ginger extract (or 1tsp if you love ginger) and cut into large circles.

DIY Sugar Lavender Bloom Cookie Toppers | @fallfordiy-35

When the cookies are cool mix a couple of drops of lavender extract into your icing fondant. Roll out and cut into slightly smaller circles. Smooth them onto the top of the biscuits. Using the remaining icing mix make a ball of lilac and light blue.

Roll these out thinly and cut with a daisy plunge cutter. Slice these in half and starting from the top of the bloom wrap them into a lavender shape. It's easier if you use only three petals from the flower on the first row. Adhere each new wrap of petals with gum paste.

Roll out a stalk of green icing and attach to the bottom of the lavender. Make enough to cover your biscuits, then sit back and admire your handiwork quickly before they all mysteriously disappear..

DIY Sugar Lavender Bloom Cookie Toppers | @fallfordiy-21 DIY Sugar Lavender Bloom Cookie Toppers | @fallfordiy-22 DIY Sugar Lavender Bloom Cookie Toppers | @fallfordiy-28DIY Sugar Lavender Bloom Cookie Toppers | @fallfordiy-23 DIY Sugar Lavender Bloom Cookie Toppers | @fallfordiy-24 DIY Sugar Lavender Bloom Cookie Toppers | @fallfordiy-25DIY Sugar Lavender Bloom Cookie Toppers | @fallfordiy-26 DIY Sugar Lavender Bloom Cookie Toppers | @fallfordiy-36 DIY Sugar Lavender Bloom Cookie Toppers | @fallfordiy-27DIY Sugar Lavender Bloom Cookie Toppers | @fallfordiy-29 DIY Sugar Lavender Bloom Cookie Toppers | @fallfordiy-37 DIY Sugar Lavender Bloom Cookie Toppers | @fallfordiy-30 DIY Sugar Lavender Bloom Cookie Toppers | @fallfordiy-38

May 25, 2016

Stitch-In Designs | Embroidered Crystals

Stitch-In Designs Free Printable-7

Today I'm starting a new series that I hope will be here for a long time. As well as getting to collaborate with some of my favourite artists on projects for the blog, I'm delving right into my what really sparks my happy, creative self -Embroidery. If you haven't already, you can read my journey to becoming a creative blogger which is all about my background and how I specialised in embroidery for my textile design degree.

I'm sad to say that in the years since I left university I have been neglecting my skills. I've spent the first half of this year trying to remedy that. I wanted to explore easy ways to build up my confidence and I thought the best way to do this would be creating fun little samples. Quick designs to experiment and develop.

Stitch-In Designs Free Printable

To help me I've called on some of my amazing, creative friends who are so generously sharing their designs with us! You will be able to download each design for free to work on and create your own stitch in. Our first artist is Tan from Squirrelly Minds. Tan creates these AMAZING crystal watercolour paintings so she was an obvious choice to collaborate on these post. She has simplified one of her designs (shown below) so we can use it to create our embroidered piece. Thank you Tan! Head over to her Instagram to see more of what she does.

tan crystal

We're calling this series our Stitch-In Designs because it's sort of like a colouring in page but with added texture. And because that in itself is pretty stitchin' no? OK, I promise I won't do that again (I can't really promise that - you understand right?)

I've always loved the technique of appliqué. It's such a wonderful way to create texture, shape and colour. I've combined this with hand embroidered stitches to create some definition in the crystal. Small stitches allow me to build up the refections of light in the stone. Read on for more instructions and your download.

Stitch-In Designs Free Printable

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May 23, 2016

DIY Washi Tape Holders

Washi Tape Holder Tutorials with FIMO | @wemakecollective & @fallfordiy-25

I'm so happy I can finally announce that we're partnering with FIMO for June's We Make Collective kit. FIMO has always been my go to for polymer clay. I don't know a maker/blogger who doesn't absolutely love working with it. The response from our We Make Collective Bloggers when they heard the next box was dedicated to this awesomely versatile material was excitement like no other kit yet!

Washi Tape Holder with FIMO | @wemakecollective & @fallfordiy

Since this year marks the 50th anniversary of FIMO (yeah, can you believe it!) we wanted to help them party polymer style with a kit celebrating and exploring the amazing possibilities FIMO clay has to offer.

Washi Tape Holder with FIMO | @wemakecollective & @fallfordiy

I couldn't remember the first time I used polymer clay so I went searching back through the our tutorials and can you believe it, it was almost exactly three years ago that I made my first DIY with polymer clay - two days out in fact! If you want a blast from the past then check out this polymer clay ring tutorial from  the Fall For DIY Archives. Some of these seriously make me cringe, but I love looking over old photos! Oh how much has changed!

Washi Tape Holder with FIMO | @wemakecollective & @fallfordiy

Since then we've made faux agate, jewellery and even mini macarons, and we haven't even started yet! We have so much more to show you!

If you want to help us celebrate FIMO's half century of incredible clay creations then you have to get in quick. The kits are now down to single digits and once they're gone, they are gone! This week we expect to sell out.

I realised I've used this line before but I am going there again because it's so good!  Don't get FIMO FOMO (haha) and order here quick! And if you're still sitting on the fence then here's a little preview of one of many exclusive tutorials you will have access to with the kits.

Washi Tape Holder with FIMO | @wemakecollective & @fallfordiy-16

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