May 11, 2015

DIY Mini Macaron Charms

Fall For DIY Mini Macaron Charms

I’ve been so excited all weekend to share this tutorial with you. I’ve had to enforce some serious self-constraint to stop myself posting the whole tutorial over on Instagram. If you follow Fall For DIY or We Make Collective you might have seen a few teaser photos cropping up. I just couldn’t help myself!

Now spring is in full swing I’m trying to inject a little more colour into all aspects of my life and these DIY Mini Macaron charms are just the best way to brighten up anything! Make earrings, necklaces, push pins, keyring charms, embellish your clothes with them or, like me, just arrange them to look like a tiny macaron counter and get a bit over excited about it…

Fall For DIY Mini Macaron charms


Polymer Clay | Screw bails | Earring blanks | Bead reamer (or sharp skewer)

Fall For DIY Mini Macaron Charms tutorial

To make the lovely pastel colours that are so synonymous with macarons, you’ll need lots of white polymer clay to mix with your colours. Make sure you have plenty on hand and start mixing up your colours. Play with the colours to mix up different hues. When you’re happy with the colours break off small pea sized pieces of clay and roll into a ball.

Fall For DIY Mini Macaron tutorial

Squash the ball in between your fingers and then cut into two along the widest edge with a craft knife. Put these aside and roll a piece of white clay half the pea size into a ball. Squash this down until it’s a little smaller than the flat side of one of the outer shell halves. Put the two halves of the shell back together with the white filling in between and gently squash to seal them in place.

Now use your sharp bead reamer to cross hatch a small section of the shell on both sides all around the filling. Be rough with the point of the reamer to create the ruffled edge. This step is not totally necessary but I think it finishes them off nicely and stops them looking like colourful burgers!

Fall For DIY Mini Macaron charms

If you’re planning on hanging the macarons on pendant necklaces or keyrings now is the time to screw in the bails. Heat in the oven to harden. Follow the instructions on the polymer clay packet and make sure you don’t over heat as this can affect the colour of the clay.

Fall For DIY Mini Macaron charms

Now you have your mini macarons ready to play with and make into anything your macaron loving hearts desire. I’ve used some strong all purpose adhesive to glue mine onto earring blanks and create the sweetest studs ever! I also made a little macaron box just because it was too cute not too! Can you think of any other ideas for all these macarons? I’ve got so many I need help thinking up new things to do with them!

Fall For DIY Mini Macaron earrings Fall For DIY Mini Macaron charms Fall For DIY Mini Macaron charms Fall For DIY Mini Macaron charms Fall For DIY Mini Macaron charmsFall For DIY Mini Macaron charms

42 thoughts on “DIY Mini Macaron Charms

      1. Heather

        So cute! I don’t have piercings, so I’d make them into a necklace or charm bracelet – well spaced they could make an adorable pastel rainbow of yummyness ^_^

        1. fran Post author

          Oh! These would look beautiful on a charm bracelet. If you make that I would LOVE to see it! Thanks Heather xx

    1. fran Post author

      Thanks Amy! I love anything miniature but I think macarons win the cutest small thing ever!

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  4. Zainab

    I make macarons for a living and this is THE most cutest thing ever! Looks like I know what I’ll be making for my aunts and younger cousins when I go for vacation in Philippines ;)

  5. Julianne

    Please please please put these up on sale through Etsy or something. They are SO cute but I’m not crafty at all! Haha I love them!

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  9. Brandy Henson

    This is such an amazing tutorial! Thank you. Would these be suitable to make with eyescrew to make a charm to hang off my daughters bracelets?

  10. Aoife

    Waow – these are amazing! Just wondering what you used to get the colour into the white polymer clay?


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