October 1, 2014

DIY Macrame Hanging… Pumpkins (& Squash)

Fall For DIY | Hanging PumpkinsFall For DIY | Hanging Pumpkins

Octobers of the past always hold such great memories for me. Not only is it my birthday month (more on that later) but luckily it falls just a few days before Halloween. My childhood birthday parties were spent having the best sleepover parties. All dressed up like witches in black bin bag dresses (we were creative) and cardboard pointed hats watching Hocus Pocus, Death Becomes Her and Beetlejuice.

Then I discovered pumpkin pie and things just got a whole better! It’s taken a long time for the UK to embrace the humble squash and some of the more exotic varieties are still only available at farmers markets or one of a few dwindling independent grocers. You can get yourself a pumpkin from the supermarket on the run up to halloween so I usually stock up around now.

I’m making my pumpkins work for me this year. I’m creating an Autumnal ambience in my flat ready for the cooler weather. I can’t wait to start mulling everything in site and curling up in blankets and never leaving the flat… except for work and to replenish my mulling supplies. So with this in mind I’m making macrame hangers to give my gourds pride of place. What’s even better is when Halloween comes around they’re so easy to pop outside in a flash!

Fall For DIY | Hanging Pumpkins


  • Pumpkin
  • 7m Rope
  • Hook
  • Ring


1. Cut the rope into four equal lengths and fold all of them in half together.

2. Push them through your ring at the halfway point then thread the ends through the loop in the rope . This will secure your rope to the ring with the loose ends hanging down.

3. Section off two of the loose ends that fall together. Tie one of these ropes in a knot around the other about 20 cm / 8″ down the rope.

4. Do this another three times until you have four strands of two ropes. Bring the two strands that are closest together at the front into the middle.

5. Take one rope from each strand and knot one around the other about 10 cm / 4″ from the last knot.

6. Take the remaining ropes from these two front strands and tie around the nearest rope from the outer two strands.

7. You will be left with two ropes on the very outside. Tie one of these ropes around the other at the back of the piece (or turn the whole thing over and tie around the front).

8. Separate the front two ropes and tie each one to an outer rope. Turn over and do the same thing on the other side.

9. Take all of the ropes together and tie into a knot at the bottom.

Fall For DIY | Hanging Pumpkins Fall For DIY | Hanging Pumpkins Fall For DIY | Hanging Pumpkins

10. Carefully slip in the pumpkin through one of the gaps at the top. Try not to move the knots around too much when you’re doing this.

Fall For DIY | Hanging Pumpkins Fall For DIY | Hanging Pumpkins Fall For DIY | Hanging Pumpkins Fall For DIY | Hanging Pumpkins Fall For DIY | Hanging Pumpkins Fall For DIY | Hanging PumpkinsFall For DIY | Hanging Pumpkins

How great would these look hanging out on a porch? If you make some please tag me #fallfordiy on Instagram so I can take a look at your hanging pumpkins wherever you are!

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17 thoughts on “DIY Macrame Hanging… Pumpkins (& Squash)

  1. Deb in Oklahoma

    This is so clever! I love macrame plant hangers (child of the 70’s here; macrame is ingrained in my blood), but never though of hanging pumpkins in them. First time I’ve left a comment, but I’ve been watching your site for while now and have found some fun things to try. Thanks for sharing!

    1. fran Post author

      Hey Deb,

      Thanks for reading and for your lovely comment. So glad you like the pumpkin hangers! By the sounds of it you could teach me a thing or two about macrame ;)

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