May 4, 2014

How to Make a Peg Loom

It’s always really tricky when posting tutorials of two parts. Which part do I post first? The two tutorials I’m indirectly referring to today are (this post) How to Make a Peg Loom and a DIY Woven Wall Hanging tutorial that I’ve decided is coming later on this week. I’m so excited about sharing the wall hanging but thought I’d better hold back and prepare you all with the tools required to make it first! So here we are, make this tutorial in preparation for Tuesdays Tutorial. And while you’re at it come over and follow Fall For DIY on Bloglovin to make sure you don’t miss it!


6mm Round Wood Dowel

2mm & 6mm Wood Drill bit


Square Wood Dowel

A vice is very useful as well if you can get your hands on one!


1. Cut the circular dowel into 10 equal sized lengths. My dowel was 90cm so each of my pieces are 9cm.

2. Sand both ends and drill a 2mm hole into one end of each stick.

3. Measure and mark for holes 3cm apart along the square dowel.

4. Using the 6mm drill bit drill holes about 1cm into the square dowels at your marks. I got a little over excited and went all the way through on my 3rd hole. That’s alright. No worries!

5. Stick your pegs into the holes. It will be a snug fit, but that’s what we’re aiming for. Don’t want them falling out when we’re weaving right!?

You can see what I use this bad boy right here! Click to see more

12 thoughts on “How to Make a Peg Loom

    1. fran Post author

      It’s really easy! If you use a nice soft pine (which is also really cheap) you can do it with just basic tools. Get your Dad on it!

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  5. Clara macks

    I would like to see more on cord making gift ide I have a lot of yarn to make thing and would like to share to share with make thing for little one and all ages ,Like to keep my hand busies .I make quilt also love it any thing that I can make with my hand .God has giving me a talent and I love to give it away

  6. Mari Craig

    Hello, Francesca!
    I came here from Pinterest to see the post about weaving the wall hanging (which is super! :D ) and then naturally I needed to see how to make the peg loom! I’ve only used a small vintage Spear’s size 2 before, and I love it, but I’m really interested in trying other ways of weaving too.

    I’m sure I could get my husband to make this peg loom for me! :) I’ve got two questions though:
    What is the purpose of the little holes in the pegs?
    What is the best way of keeping the loom in place while weaving? Would it need to be clamped or weighed down with something?

    Thank you very much for the two lovely tutorials, and looking forward to the clarifications!

  7. Mari Craig

    Aha-haa, one more second of looking at the loom, and of course I realize the little holes are needed for the warp threads to go through! :D So the weaving can slide down on them and the threads will stay attached to the pegs. All clear now! :)

    So there’s just the one question left about how to keep the loom stable when weaving :)

  8. jen

    I have one and I weave while it is sitting on my lap. I know some who clamp it to a table.
    They are great fun!


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