February 18, 2014

DIY Copper + Pine Magazine Rack

Magazine racks have become big business in my flat recently. Like most creative people I’m a self-confessed hoarder and I find it difficult to get rid of magazines, newspaper and supplements before I have read and digested (or dismissed) everything I want from them. Rather than storing them in piles until my memory of their contents is sufficiently diminished and Al can throw them out (recycle) without me noticing, we can now store them neatly in magazine racks until he gets his chance.

This is the second of the two we currently have. The other is a wall mounted rack I found in a charity shop and painted… Not as interesting as this one but I’ve posted a photo on Instagram just in case you’re into that sort of thing.

DIY Copper and Pine Magazine Rack


15mm Pine Dowel

15mm Copper Pipe 90 degree Corner Fixtures

80 cm x 35 cm Faux Leather


To Make the Frame:

1. Once you’ve cut you pine rod to the sizes specified (or got someone with power tools to do it for you) sand the ends and get your copper pipe ready.

2. Take the two 20cm dowels and insert both ends into copper pipes. Twist these so they all face upwards.

3. Into each of these insert a 30cm dowel and attach copper pipes onto each of these.

4. Finally Attach these together with your longest (40cm) dowels and insert the ends in to opposite copper pipes.

If these are falling out too easily glue the ends into the copper but leave the top pieces free of glue for now so you can easily attach the material later.

To Make the Pouch:

1. Fold the end of the fabric over a dowel to measure where to sew and secure into place. Bulldog clips work well for this job. Be careful with glue as some solvents will cause your fabric to pucker.

2. Sew the panel down leaving enough room at the top to insert the dowel.

3. Measure 10cm in from each end and cut out a panel. Make sure you down clip the stitching when you’re doing this.

To complete the rack take one end of each 40cm dowel out of the copper pipe turn and insert them into the leather tabs. Keep the right side of the leather facing outwards. Once you’re done pop the dowel back into the copper (glue if necessary).

Now you can hoard magazines as well! Here’s to procrastination.

You can now shop this kit from Darby Smart right here!

16 thoughts on “DIY Copper + Pine Magazine Rack

  1. Diana Nowak-Riffel


    I love this idea! and copper all together, looks so classy. Where can I purchase a pine dowel?

    1. fran Post author

      Hey Diana,

      Thank you so much. I get my dowel from my local DIY store. They should have it. If not try online :)

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