April 22, 2014

DIY Raw Semi Precious Stone & Silver Pendant Necklace

Fall For DIY Raw Stone and Silver necklace

Some people believe in the healing powers of stones or crystals and others just love the beautiful natural colours and shapes. Either way semi precious stones are a huge trend especially as we gradually get closer to summer. I’m thinking floaty dresses, strappy sandals and layers of delicate pendants and chunky crystal details. Come on summer!

Well,  until then we can dream… and play dress up!


Soft drinks can

E6000 Glue

A range of semi precious stones

Cocktail sticks

Elastic bands



1. Empty and wash the drinks can. Cut it into a sheet of metal and then cut out small sections that wrap over your stones.

2. Glue the two ends and fold around the stone. Use an elastic band to hold the metal in place. Put cocktail sticks between the metal and stones to create space for the chain.

3. Leave to dry for 24 hours then thread a necklace chain through the space. This tutorial here will show you how to make a chain.