September 4, 2013

DIY Blue Stone Bracelet


I’ve had these blue Lapis Lazuli chips for a long time now without knowing what to do with them. When it comes to DIY I hoard everything I can get my hands on, which can sometimes works out for me, but sometimes leaves me with a lot of useless junk. So it always makes me happy when I use up something that has been living with me for some time already. This bracelet is perfect for using beads or chips that have been in your life for a little too long!



1. Thread the stone chips on to an eye pin leaving 1cm at the end.

2. Fold the remaining section of pin over 90 degrees and use round nose pliers to create a loop. See this video to find out how to loop a head/eye pin. 

3. Using jump rings attach each end of the eye pin to the the chain, threading the chain through the closed jump ring.

4. Measure approx how much chain you need to fit the bracelet and attach clasps to the ends.


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