February 1, 2016

DIY Floral Valentine’s Soap Pops

Valentine soap pops tutorial | @fallfordiyValentine soap popsValentine soap popsValentine soap pops

I’m so pleased to be able to start February with such exciting news! If you read this post you’ll know I’ve given us all a free pass for January. It seems a lot of us have not loved the start to 2016 so I’m having a total fresh start for February. It makes it the perfect time to announce our collaboration with one of my favourite retailers Anthropologie!! Yes, I know. This is some kind of amazing! I’ve always loved how ahead of the curve they are, choosing artists and designers that create such beautiful works of art in everyday objects. It’s always been a place of massive inspiration for me so this partnership is giving me all the good feels!

The first holiday we’re celebrating together is Valentine’s Day. We wanted to create something more unexpected than traditional presents, but something that would still have all the romance of a bouquet with an added fun twist. You can make these before Valentine’s day or create something longer lasting from all those flowers you’ve been gifted afterwards. Just make sure you get hinting for the flowers and these cute teacups so you can store your pops so perfectly once they’re ready!

Valentine soap pops


Valentine soap pops- Materials

You need:

  • Melt and pour clear soap
  • Flower petals
  • Ice lolly mould
  • Pop sticks
  • Essential Oils
  • Pink food colouring
  • Retractable knife

Valentine soap pops

Step one:

Cut the soap into small chunks. Estimate how much you need by placing the small pieces into the moulds. You can always add more later though. Place in a microwave safe bowl and melt on a high heat for around 30-45 seconds at a time. Stir the soap in between heatings.

Valentine soap pops

Step two:

Once the soap is completely melted drop in 10-15 drops of the essential oil and about a teaspoon of pink food colouring. Mix both of these in well.

Valentine soap pops

Step three:

Place your lolly mould onto a plate just incase it falls over. Sprinkle in the flower petals. Don’t push them down to fill the mould – let the petals sit loosely on top of each other.

Valentine soap pops

Step four:

By this point the soap should be starting to harden around the edge. This means it has cooled enough to keep most of the pigment in the flower petals. Pour the soap into the mould. If you need to you can stop, add more petals and continue to pour. After a few minutes the soap will start to set. Push the lollipop stick into the middle.

Valentine soap pops

Step five:

Leave the soap to set for around 6 hours minimum. If you’re unsure if they have set leave overnight to be certain. Carefully push the knife in between the soap and the mould. You should see the air begin to separate them. Squeeze the sides of the mould together to encourage the air to the bottom of the mould. Repeat this step on the other side and pull on the lollipop stick to remove the soap from the mould. Don’t worry of the knife has created a dent in the soap. You can rub it out with some water.

Valentine soap pops

Step six:

Cut the edge of the soap neatly around the stick and your soap pop is ready. Wrap up in cellophane and ribbon and label to make sure the recipient know’s it’s not edible. There’s nothing romantic about eating soap!

Valentine soap popsValentine soap popsValentine soap popsValentine soap popsValentine soap pops

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  3. Heather

    I love this! I have several sets of Popsicle moulds lying around which I can’t use; our freezer is a tiny ice box so they don’t fit! I’ll definitely be making these :-)

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