June 9, 2015

DIY Stitched Tassel Cushion

Fall For DIY Stitched Tassels Cushion tutorial

A couple of months ago I decided I would start making more of an effort on creating a home interior I was really proud of. My flat is currently full of ‘potential DIYs’ and pieces collected over half a dozen rented homes. I’m slowly updating and DIYing and while I love doing this, from time to time my need for instant gratification kicks in. Most of the time it’s a playful tap, but this time it was going in straight for the shins and I had a sudden urge to add a few items that would just bring everything together quickly. So off I ran to IKEA to buy (just a few…) staples that would make me feel like all the effort I was putting in was making an impact.

Many hours and many “I will definitely use this jug/vase (insert a extravagant, unnecessary item) to drink more water everyday (insert a simple everyday task)” moments we made it home with far too much of my dwindling overdraft spent on pretty things. The dangerous world of IKEA strikes again.

Once half the showroom was home and dotted around my flat it slowly seemed to lose it’s sparkle and my mind begins to wander. I start dreaming up more DIYs and eventually it dawns on me that I’ve just bought a load more stuff that I will inevitably want to update and personalise. I’ve just created more work for myself! Stupid IKEA. I hate your marketplace of irresistible bargains but I love you too much to let go.

Bring on today’s DIY. This cushion cover was calling out for a hack. How did I not see that bringing a plain, white cover into my home would end this way? Well, in all the (melo)drama I think we’ve made something I can happily live with. YAY! You know that somewhere you have a cushion that’s screaming out for a little somethin, somethin. Here you are, give this a go!

Fall For DIY Stitched Tassel Cushion


Cushion cover | Tapestry needle | Thick yarn | Scissors

Fall For DIY Stitched Tassel Cushion tutorial

Cut off a length of yarn. Thread onto the tapestry needle and find the centre of the pillow. Insert the needle around an inch lower than the centre and pull back out again 1 cm to the left. Pull the yarn until you have equal amounts either side.

Cut off another length of yarn and thread your needle again. This time insert the needle just above and to the right of the hanging right yarn. Bring it back out just above where the right yarn enters the pillow. Insert it back in again where the left yarn exits the cushion and back out just to the left of the hanging left yarn.

Fall For DIY Stitched Tassel Cushion tutorial

Keep repeating the last step, keeping the alternating stitches in line with the row below. Stop when you’re lines begin about 1″ away from either side.

Straighten out the hanging tassel threads and cut them in line with the V shape of the stitches.

And your cushion is transformed into a tassel delight! I know I’d said I’d stop with the tassels but this one just came out of nowhere! I can’t help myself…

Fall For DIY Stitched Tassel Pillow Tutorial Fall For DIY Stitched Tassel Pillow Tutorial Fall For DIY Stitched Tassel Pillow Tutorial Fall For DIY Stitched Tassel Pillow Tutorial Fall For DIY Stitched Tassel Pillow Tutorial Fall For DIY Stitched Tassel Pillow Tutorial Fall For DIY Stitched Tassel Pillow Tutorial Fall For DIY Stitched Tassel Pillow Tutorial Fall For DIY Stitched Tassel Pillow Tutorial

19 thoughts on “DIY Stitched Tassel Cushion

  1. Marwa

    You are not alone Francesca, I even proudly proclaim that I love Ikea so much that maybe I could work for them, funny me. And I won’t blame you for the tassels they are so easy to make and add the right amount of color .Oh And Pom poms too .Can you do a pom pom challenge perhaps in coming months, I am sure all the makers will rock it. Infact I am all ready for it.
    Thanks for sharing :)

    1. fran Post author

      Hey Marwa!

      Thanks you so much. Damn that IKEA ;) I would love to do a Pom Pom challenge. I’m taking a short break to concentrate on We Make Collective Instagram for a couple of months but then we’ll be back on it!

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  4. Teresa west

    I rarely if ever leave comments but I frequent your blog, insta and Pinterest for much inspiration. I feel the need to thank you for tthis inspiration! This pillow is genius. Thank you thank you AND thank you. Teresa

    1. fran Post author

      Hey Teresa!

      I feel honoured. Thank YOU for stopping by and taking the time to leave your lovely comment! :) x

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