March 28, 2014

DIY Marble Planters

These DIY marble planters are quick, easy and ridiculously cheap to make. I’ve been hoarding empty food packaging to make concrete vases (alas one day) but it was getting a little too bag lady in my office and I needed somewhere nice to put my one remaining basil. Such a trooper, he’s come back from near death and needed somewhere nice to grow. And you know me. I’m always looking for excuses to pull out the marble contact paper…


Cylindrical Packaging | Strong Multipurpose Glue | Craft Knife | Contact Paper


1. Measure the length and diameter of your packaging and add 2cm to both measurements.

2. Peel off the back of the paper and carefully stick the paper to the packaging, slowly working your way around removing air bubbles as you go.

TIP: Pull the paper tight as you wrap it around the tube. This will stop bubbles from forming.

3. Cut off the excess at each end with a craft knife.

4. Add blocks of contact paper to create variety.

TIP: Use the straight edge of the contact paper to create a really nice, crisp line around the ‘middle’ of the pot and cut the uneven edge straight with the craft knife

5. Glue your noodle pot inside with strong glue. The plastic will be able to hold the water well.

TIP: Only grow plants that don’t need drainage in these pots. Succulents are perfect and massively fashionable right now. Win!

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17 thoughts on “DIY Marble Planters

  1. Regina

    It looks beautiful, and it’s so original, but if you don’t mind I have a question, doesn’t the water (when you water the plant) damage the paper?
    Thank you.

  2. Katie Robbins

    hi Fran, I love the marbled contact paper. I’ve never heard of it? The link for Homebase doesn’t work anymore. I thought it might make a nice contrast to my white vessels.
    Thanks, KT x

  3. Calli

    bad advice at the end of this post! Succulents and Cacti actually need more good drainage than other plants. If their roots sit in water they rot and fall apart and die. Since they are desert plants they really need to be dry between waterings!!

    1. fran Post author

      Oh no! Definitely the wrong advice then. Could you put stones in the bottom to act as drainage instead?

  4. Eden Passante

    One of my favorite pairs are lush green plants with white and grey marble patterns. I think it really makes the colors pop! These marble planters are so dainty and modern, I love it!


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