January 24, 2014

DIY Gem Cluster Earrings

Gem Cluster DIY Earrings

I’ve been feeling a little despondent for the past couple of weeks so this morning I’ve been focusing on the positive things in life.

1. The days are getting longer. We’re coming through to the other side of winter and it’s getting lighter for more of the day!

2. Planning a weeks trip to France and Holland/Germany/Belgium/who knows in March.

3. It’s Friday!

4. This happy little guy.

5. And finally this quick, sparkly DIY to help combat those January blues.

Gem Cluster Earring DIY

Gem Cluster Earrings DIY

DIY Gem ClusterEarrings


1. Peel the paper off the back of the first rhinestone and stick it in the middle of the glass cabochon cap.

2. Work outwards from this rhinestone until you reach the edge. Try to keep the stones in a uniform pattern to the edge.

3. Copy your pattern onto the other cabochon cap.

4. Glue earring backs onto the back of the cabochon caps and leave to dry.

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