January 24, 2014

DIY Gem Cluster Earrings

Gem Cluster DIY Earrings

I’ve been feeling a little despondent for the past couple of weeks so this morning I’ve been focusing on the positive things in life.

1. The days are getting longer. We’re coming through to the other side of winter and it’s getting lighter for more of the day!

2. Planning a weeks trip to France and Holland/Germany/Belgium/who knows in March.

3. It’s Friday!

4. This happy little guy.

5. And finally this quick, sparkly DIY to help combat those January blues.

Gem Cluster Earring DIY


1. Peel the paper off the back of the first rhinestone and stick it in the middle of the glass cabochon cap.

2. Work outwards from this rhinestone until you reach the edge. Try to keep the stones in a uniform pattern to the edge.

3. Copy your pattern onto the other cabochon cap.

4. Glue earring backs onto the back of the cabochon caps and leave to dry.

Gem Cluster Earrings DIY
DIY Gem ClusterEarrings

5 thoughts on “DIY Gem Cluster Earrings

  1. cheryl gerich

    i love them!!! but the pictures of the earrings being made are prettier than the actual ones on the girls ear.

    are the sticky back rhinestones the same ones that you see advertised using a hot gun . are these the same or are they a different product.

    i buy all my jewelry components from fire mountain gems catalog so i need to know when i look for them in the catalog. its enormous! if anyone doesnt use them, you should!! ive been dealing with them since forever. their sales catalogs are terrific, they really are. and you cant beat the prices…..i bought gemstone bracelets (lapiz lazulli and pearls ,(i just know i didnt spell that correctly,) and rose quartz, red and green adventurine, and a huge list of them all different, for $1.25 each at christmas time…………they were wonderful !!!!!!!!! i also bought two beautiful copper bracelet and then for the men i got three different leather bracelets. they were really different but beautiful!!!!

    thanks again
    and God bless you!


    1. Josie Hicks

      Brand new to jewelry making, love the glitz, thank you so much for the Fire Mountain lead,

      Thank you, and God’s blessings to you as well,)



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