January 13, 2014

DIY Marble Gem Stones


Yes, I am about to do my best impression of a broken record. Are you ready for this? So, you must know by now I love a bit of polymer clay. No way right!? If you’re a regular, occasional or just one time reader of Fall For DIY you’ve probably come across my love for the stuff. And you know the other thing I love? A good pattern trend. At the moment my obsession for marbling is becoming a little uncontrollable. I have contact paper ready to cover any surface at a moments notice but I wanted to do something a little more subtle. So after featuring a couple of other polymer clay marbling projects here and here I wanted to give it a go as well.

FFDIY Marble Gem Stone

You’ll need:

Black and White Polymer Clay

Gem Mould (used in cake decorating)

An Oven


1. Warm a ball of white polymer clay, then slowly add tiny chunks of black clay. Work the clay together rolling into a ball and stretching out again, add more black flecks until you’re happy with the results.

2. Pull off sections of clay and firmly pack them into your mould.

3. Pop into the freezer for half an hour to set.

4. Once hard carefully remove the solid stones from the mould and bake on a low heat for half an hour.

You should now have some gorgeous little gem stones now! If you take a little look at the pictures below I’ve got some instructions to make your stones into pendants and rings. You’ll also see what happens when you forget about polymer clay in the oven! I was working on another project and my clay got a little over baked…. Hence the slight pinkish colour. I don’t mind, I quite like it, but if you want to keep yours black and white keep your eyes on the time! (and set a reminder on your phone)

Marble Gem Stone DIY

Marble Pendant Instructions:

Using a good all purpose glue secure your stones to a bail (or as I have done flatten a cord end and cut to fit) and use a jump ring to attach to a necklace chain.

Ring Instructions:

Use a good all purpose glue to attach a stone to a ring blank.

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24 thoughts on “DIY Marble Gem Stones

  1. Carol

    I like your work, very interesting and pretty. You do very nice work, One suggestion though, get rid of those ads for the games. they are very offensive

  2. Caroline nailart attack

    Hey it is very beautiful!!!
    If you want your clay to stay grey (and not become brown in the oven) you can bake the clay in boiling water for 15 to 30 minutes :-)
    Use a small pan that you will not use anymore with food

    1. fran Post author

      Hey Caroline! Thank you so much for this advise! I’m trying it out right now for a tutorial coming up later this week. Just about to boil the clay. Can’t wait to see how it works out!

    1. fran Post author

      Hey James,

      I got mine from Ebay, but I believe they may have sold out. Alternatively you could use a mold like this one and pop it into the freezer to harder the clay shapes before popping them out and heating them.


  3. Sashanna

    Where do you get your findings? These are gorgeous! I’m psyched to make them for presents this year. :)


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