February 25, 2016

DIY Velvet Covered Books

DIY Velvet book covers tutorial | @fallfordiyDIY Velvet book covers | @fallfordiyDIY Velvet book covers | @fallfordiy

I’ve always loved the look of having books as decoration. The idea that something can be useful or interesting and look fantastic is the dream! I have a lot of books I keep because I love them but, because I love them so much they’re looking a little on the ‘used’ side. So I’m taking all the hardback books and giving them a makeover with faux suede and velvet fabric.

DIY Velvet book covers | @fallfordiy

DIY Velvet book covers | @fallfordiy

Books | Rubber Cement | Fabric

DIY Velvet book covers | @fallfordiy

1. Cut a piece of fabric that will cover the book when it’s closed with at least 1 inch to spare on each side. Coat one side of the cover and the spine of the book with a thin, even layer of the rubber cement. Smooth the fabric over the adhesive pushing out any air bubbles. Leave to dry turn over and repeat on the other side.

DIY Velvet book covers | @fallfordiy


2. Snip off all the corners to create angled tabs. At the spine leave a small tab of fabric to push in between the cover and the bound spine. Spread the rubber cement along the edges, inside the cover. Press all the fabric tabs onto the adhesive and hold in place. Leave all the adhesive to dry and you new softie, gorgeous book is ready!

DIY Velvet book covers | @fallfordiyDIY Velvet book covers | @fallfordiyDIY Velvet book covers | @fallfordiyDIY Velvet book covers | @fallfordiyDIY Velvet book covers | @fallfordiyDIY Velvet book covers | @fallfordiyDIY Velvet book covers | @fallfordiyDIY Velvet book covers | @fallfordiyDIY Velvet book covers | @fallfordiy

11 thoughts on “DIY Velvet Covered Books

  1. Gabriella

    I love this DIY so much! I’ve been playing around with creating my own photo album but couldn’t decide what I wanted it to look like. I’m thinking velvet might be the right way to go! Thank you for the inspiration! :)

    1. fran Post author

      Oh! I bet that will look awesome Gabriella! It will give it such a special look – which is perfect for all your lovely memories!

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