July 15, 2015

Fall For DIY Tube Rings

Fall For DIY Tube Ring Tutorial

You know when you really get in the zone and get carried away with making. I could not put this project down from the moment I started making it. These rings are so easy to make I kept thinking “just one more” each time I tried to give in for the evening. The result? I have so many rings now! More than I know what to do with. Any ideas?

Fall For DIY Tube Ring Materials


Polymer Clay | Ring Mandrel | Craft Knife | Wire | Cutters | Flat nose pliers

Fall For DIY Tube Ring

Warm up the polymer clay and roll out the pieces between your hands. Make sure the tubes are smooth with no cracks. Cut in into half inch long pieces. Store these in the freezer  while you make the wire rings.

Fall For DIY Tube RingFall For DIY Tube Ring

Loop the wire around the ring mandrel and cut off the coil. Wrap it slightly smaller than the size of your finger as it will stretch out slightly.

Fall For DIY Tube Ring

Trim the wire into a circle and using the flat nose pliers open out the join into a U shape.

Fall For DIY Tube Ring

Fold the ends of the wire in towards the center of the U. Pull the U shape apart and gently push each end of the clay onto each end bringing the U back into shape. If the clay moves out of shape too much store the tubes in the fridge for longer.

Fall For DIY Tube RingFall For DIY Tube Ring

Bake the clay according to your instructions and leave to cool in the oven with the door open. (I originally forgot this step! It’s a pretty important one if you don’t want floppy rings!! Thanks to Kat for reminding me in the comments :) )

When you can’t stop making these don’t say I didn’t warn you! If you want to learn more about making jewellery check out my ecourse Beads & Baubles right here!

Fall For DIY Tube Rings Fall For DIY Tube Rings Fall For DIY Tube RingFall For DIY Tube Rings Fall For DIY Tube Rings Fall For DIY Tube Rings Fall For DIY Tube Rings Fall For DIY Tube Rings Fall For DIY Tube Rings

32 thoughts on “Fall For DIY Tube Rings

    1. fran Post author

      KAT! Yes you do. I completely missed that step out. Luckily I have such lovely readers like you to remind me when I am losing the plot and forgetting how I made things. I’ll go add that now. Thank you so much for reminding me!

      Fran xx

      1. Kat

        Please take it as positive, i just thought that maybe you have airclay or something simillar. Keep the lovely work! You have a great eye for it. <3

        1. fran Post author

          Yes! Oh, I did. I was thankful that you reminded me. Otherwise we’d have floppy rings all over the place and that would be no good at all! ;) thanks lovely!

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    1. fran Post author

      haha! oh you! Thanks Marwa. I’m so happy you like the styling. Just trying out something different so it’s great to get some feedback :) xx

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  5. Weyn

    These are so pretty! And the styling feels nice to the eyes :) I’m interested to try this myself but I’m worried about the wire. Will it melt in the oven when baking, or is there a particular kind I need to use? Thank you.

    1. fran Post author

      Hey Weyn! Thank you :) I use copper wire which is fine in the over especially at the low temperatures polymer clay bakes at. Just make sure you leave them to cool fully before picking them up! xx

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  7. Maria

    This is such a cool project! I love DIY jewellery, especially since I’m not the kind of person that wears a lot of it, so I like being able to change and make new stuff every once in a while! (I should really check out your e-course)

    Love this!

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