September 2, 2014

DIY Twist & Knot Wire Rings

I’ve never been a ring wearer. I think it was because in my early 20’s I put weight on and (as well as everywhere else) my fingers ballooned up like sausages. Finding rings in shops was a bit of a nightmare and when I did find a ring that squeezed on it rubbed against the insides of my podgy little digits and would subsequently end up lost in the bottom of my handbag for all eternity. Now, thanks to cycling to work, the occasional run and living with a vegan man I have shed those excess pounds and my fingers are ring ready again and I have my happy claws on these Twisted, Knotted rings.


*I’ve done the hard work for you and found links so you can easily buy the materials I’ve used if you like. Click on the materials above to go straight to them. They are affiliate links so if you choose to buy I make a tiny bit of dollar to put towards new projects!


1. Cut a length of wire 30cm/15″ and roughly fold in half into a fish shape.

2. Twist the ‘tail’ and bend the wire ends outwards.

3. Begin to twist the body of the fish whilst holding the tail.

4. Continue to twist until until you have a long wire with a little bobble at the end.

5. Wrap the wire around the ring mandrel so the ends cross.

6. Start to twist the ends around each other to create a spiral knot.

7. Cut off the excess wire.

8. File the ends of the wire with a nail file and squeeze them close to the rest of the knot with chain nose pliers.

What do you think? Definitely a reason to start wearing rings again right!?

36 thoughts on “DIY Twist & Knot Wire Rings

  1. Tiffy

    Your DIY are always so inspiring. I can’t wait to tackle one. Love that this one looks easy to do and the results so pretty! Thanks.


  2. Sarah

    You make these tutorials so easy to follow. I’m pinning this, hopefully I actually do it. Thanks for all the inspiration!


    1. fran Post author

      Thanks Sara! You can click on ‘ring mandrels’ under the materials list to find a link to mandrels on Etsy. I’ll go back and make that clearer now x

  3. Dawn

    Hi, I found your site through Pinterest. I love it. I bought some gold filled wire several years ago because it was on sale. I will get it out and make something beautiful with your tutorial. I also followed you on Facebook so I could see future tutorials.

  4. Colleen Pastoor

    So not only do I have all the supplies on hand, but my sister was sending me etsy links to rings that look like these! I think this will have to be her birthday gift!!

    Also- you’re styling. I can’t get enough.

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  6. Colleen Madsen

    Great directions, love that there is a photo for each step. Some tutorials don’t do that. The ring s are really cute too. My one criticism is that some of the photos give a better shot of your hands than they do the actual view of the process. A little closer up on the ring itself would be good.
    Thank you for an otherwise great tutorial. I am going to give these a try.

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  11. Billie Fail

    I love this tutorial! These rings are so simple yet elegant and so addicting to make! Thank you so much!

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  15. Sarah

    Hi, I’m new to Pinterest and ring making so please forgive me if to a stupid question. I can’t see from the pics what happened to the little loop you had left over from twisting the wire?

    1. fran Post author

      Hey Sarah!

      Welcome to two wonderful worlds! You’re going to love them :D

      So to get rid of the loop you just snip it off with the wire cutters. I’m sorry – that wasn’t obvious from the instructions. You can then file down the ends of the wire with a nail file so their not scratchy.

      Hope that helps :)


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