March 23, 2014

How To Space Beads with Crimps

Crimps are a small but mighty force in jewellery making. Tiny and delicate they are made to go unnoticed yet at the same time can create spectacular designs on intricate pieces. As well as having a great visual impact crimps are also used for the functional aspects of jewellery making. Used with cord, nylon wire or invisible cords to attach clasps, space beads, hold motifs in place and attach layers you have to agree, they’re pretty useful (and easy to lose) little things to have on hand! Today I’m using mine to space beads and end cord with clam shell cover connectors. I’m also using flat nose pliers to squeeze the crimps flat. Specific crimping pliers are available and are a fantastic investment if you use crimps a lot.



1mm cotton cord

1mm crimps

Clam shell crimp covers

Necklace chain


(When you’re using cord with frayed ends cover the ends with glue and smooth down to create a needle like point)

1. Thread on the first crimp into place and flatten between your flat nose pliers.

2. Thread your first bead onto the cord followed by another crimp. Flatten with the pliers again.

3. Repeat these steps and build up the beading.

4. Once you’ve completed the design thread the clam shell cover onto the cord followed by a crimp. Place the crimp where you want the end of the cord to be and squeeze it flat.

5. Close the clam shell cover over the crimp and press closed with your pliers. Do the same the other side.

6. Split the chain in the middle and use jump rings to attach the clam shell covers to the chain. 

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