March 9, 2014

How To | Wrap a Bead Pendant

Like all things fashion, jewellery has its trends. One day we’re all plaiting into chain, the next everything we own has studs on it. I am a self confessed trend addict. I love trying to get ahead of the trends and start making DIY’s based on them and I’ve noticed recently more wrapped pendants knocking around. I love how a year ago I wouldn’t give bead wrapping the time of day. The wrapping skills were redundant, but now I can bring them out of retirement. Ace!


1. Cut off a long section of wire. How much depends on the size of your bead. If you’re really unsure you can work with the wire from the coil so you only use what you need. Very economic!

2. Turn a loop at the end of your wire (If your working from the wire coil thread your bead on first!)

3. Thread the bead onto the wire (if you haven’t already done so) and bend the wire so the loop is at the top of the bead.

4. Pull the long end of the wire to cross over just under the loop.

5. Start wrapping. Keep the tension tight and the wire coils close together. Continue to wrap until you cover the wire threaded through the bead.

6. Cut off the excess wire and flatten to end against the bead.

7. Attach to a necklace using a jump ring. Check out our ‘How To‘ page for more instructions for constructing jewellery.

Get wrapping!


5 thoughts on “How To | Wrap a Bead Pendant

  1. Lacqueerisa

    Love this tutorial! Thanks for sharing! I’ve always wondered how to do that :D Thank you so much! Can’t wait to try this out with some of my teardrops :)

  2. Natalie Melchiorre

    So simple, yet pretty! I used to be big into making beaded jewelry. This inspires me to get back into it! Just curious–is there any special technique to getting the cut end to lay flat against the bead? I don’t want it to snag my tops :)


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