December 5, 2013

7 Days of Christmas Crackers // DIY Animal Magnets



Christmas crackers always need a little humour, so add a few giggles over the table with a gold horses ass magnet! Or maybe they prefer a rabbits tail to hold up their shopping list? Either way, these are dead easy to make and are perfect for adults and children alike. Winner!



1. Saw the plastic animals in half and sand the 'insides' to create a flat surface.

2. Spray with coloured spray paint and leave to dry.

3. Glue magnets onto the flat surface with strong glue.

I think the gold goat is my favourite. I love those ram horns! 

Remember to come back tomorrow for more cracker/stocking filler DIY ideas. If you need a little reminder come over to Fall For DIY Instagram for visual updates and things I think are awesome!

2 thoughts on “7 Days of Christmas Crackers // DIY Animal Magnets

  1. Valentina Chirico

    I’ve seen these ani-magnets around and I find them irresistibly cute.
    Thanks for the diy idea… now I want to take a saw and find some puppy, plastic puppy (obviously haha.
    Have a wonderful day!


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