December 28, 2013

DIY // Spaghetti Strap Backless Top

DIY Spaghetti Strap backkol

I hope you have all had a fantastic Christmas and have enjoyed spending time with the people you love. After all the build up it always makes me a little sad when it’s finally over but with the new year looming the celebrations aren’t over yet!

New Years Eve is a time to get all dressed up and have somewhere fantastic to go. I’ve been spying a lot of backless tops and dresses recently and my new fave trend is spaghetti straps… Combine the two? Why not!

DIY strap top

You will need:

Fabric (I’ve used black satin)


Suede Cord

1. Take a top you own that fits you well.

2. Draw 2cm around the bottom of the garment onto a large piece of paper. I’ve changed the neckline to a V-neck going lower at the back.

3. Cut out the paper template, pin onto the fabric and cut out the fabric pattern.

DIY spaghetti strap top

4. Pin the pieces right sides together and sew both edges.

5. Turn the right side and test the fit. I pinned the top to my bra to see if it needed adjustment. I then measured the length between the front and back strap points.

6. Sew a small hem along the bottom of the top.

7. Starting from the back sew the suede cord onto the back and neckline, and under arms. Hand sew a piece of cord onto the back straps.

The fabric for this top cost me less than £1 and the cord was also only £1… Can you believe it!? Super sexy and super cheap! I have another 4 posts for the build up to the most glamorous night of the year, so come and follow me on Bloglovin to make sure you don’t miss them!


3 thoughts on “DIY // Spaghetti Strap Backless Top

  1. sofia

    Hi! I just found this post via pinterest! It’s exactly what i need, easy instructions and seems easy enough so hopefully i will have something to wear tomorrow night!

    1. fran Post author

      Hey Sophia,

      I always do this! I end up making something for a big night out on the day.. So disorganised. How did the top work out? I’d love to see a picture (tag me on Instagram) :)


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