December 13, 2013

DIY Christmas Alternative Tassel Garland


I’m finally getting around to making my Christmas decorations! Our flat is still undergoing general decorating and so it is a bit bare at the moment. It’s all good though, it just means we have more room for tinsle and pom poms right! After putting up our tree I decided to make this colourful garland from tassels, well, because you guys know how much I like a good tassel.



1. Make the tassel by wrapping yarn around your fingers about 20 times. Slip the loops off your hand and wrap the end of the yarn around all of them about 1cm away from the top.

2. Cut off the yarn and tie a knot.

3. Cut all the loops at the bottom open to create the tassel strands.

4. Thread onto a long piece of cotton in a random order.


11 thoughts on “DIY Christmas Alternative Tassel Garland

  1. Asma

    So cool you could also hang them up as general room decoration if I make them I certainly won’t take them down

  2. Bridget

    I have a question! how many balls of yarn did it take to create the whole garland?? how many tassels did one ball of yarn produce? I love this idea and want to recreate it!!


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