October 8, 2013

DIY// Halloween Candy Clutch


So I was recently contacted by Buzzfeed to write a tutorial for their 20 Halloween Bags, Baskets and Bowls feature. The idea was to come up with something fresh/funny/modern which I ran with, and came up with this creepy clutch to keep all your tricks and treats in.











You’ll need:

½ metre clear PVC plastic


Plastic creepy crawlies/gruesome props

Strong waterproof glue



1. Cut out 4 rectangles of clear PVC. 2 with the dimensions 20cm X 35cm and the other 2 larger at 35cm X 35cm.

2. Glue three sides of both rectangles together leaving one of the shorter edges open to create two pouches. Make sure there are no small gaps along the sides. Run your finger along the glued edges to evenly spread and secure in place.

3. Pour the soap in the pouches, (take care not to get soap on the opening.) I ended up using 1 ½ bottles of soap instead of all three. Fill with your critters and seal the top securely with glue.

4. You should now have two sacks of pretty gruesome looking stuff. Take your smaller bag and spread glue along the two shorter edges and one of the longer sides.

5. Press the glued sides onto the larger piece to create the clutch bag.

6. Fold the extra section from the larger pouch over the smaller pouch and glue the velco on the keep secure.

That’s it! Fill it with candy or other Halloween treats (or tricks) for a super scary clutch that’s perfect for the party.

6 thoughts on “DIY// Halloween Candy Clutch

  1. Claudia

    This is a fun idea! Is PVC plastic easy to find? I was thinking I could re-use a plastic container that some sheet sets came in — it’s heavy duty and already has a zipper. I probably wouldn’t use soap — I might pull apart cotton balls and then maybe use Contact paper to seal the bugs in. Lots of fun possibilities!

  2. Francesca Stone

    Hi Claudia.  What great ideas! I found PVC fabric pretty easy to find. They sold it at my local fabric store, but you could re-use plastic packaging or folders which would give the same result and be very eco friendly! Win win!
    I like the cotton wool idea as well. You wouldnt have to worry about the pockets being air tight, and could avoid any unfortunate leakages!
    Thanks for your suggestions :)


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